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Alison Sansone of Be There Bedtime Stories has provided us with three Unlimited Access Subscriptions for the rest of 2012!  You will absolutely love this way of storytelling.  All you have to do is go to their website: and choose which children’s story you would like to web cam yourself reading the story.  This is ideal for families who might be far apart or even for a parent to have as a keepsake of you and your child reading the story together. It is really easy to use and such a wonderul way to make a sweet memory together!

Grandparents will love this as well as military families who might be miles apart.  Be There Bedtime Stories has won a Moms Choice Award as well as several other parent awards as this is such a unique way of storytelling.  Read my interview with Ms. Sansone in the In the Spotlight section to see how Be There Bedtime Stories came to be.

If you are wondering how it all works – here is an excerpt I took from their website:

How It Works
Once you choose an e-book story from our bookstore and create a recording reading aloud, then your Webtime Stories™ are placed in your account here, on the Be There Bedtime Stories website. No need for Skype® or YouTube® here. We do all the heavy lifting so that your stories will always be accessible by anyone, with the simple click of a link that you control!

They even have a tutorial to help you out as well! Be There Bedtime Stories provide an easy and unique way to create life-long memories.

“I think that this service has the potential to reunite families across the country and the world.” ~Philip G. Traynor

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  1. Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

  2. Dina Kyle says:

    My Son would Love Pete’s Shoes .. This is the first story he actually sits to listen to ..

  3. Tammy P says:

    Love you forever by Munsch

  4. Caps for Sale

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