PBS KIDS #gno Twitter Party: Summer Reading

Summer officially starts next Thursday June 21st and that means our kids are going to be looking to us to keep them entertained. PBS KIDS is working with Mom It Forward to encourage reading over the summer and will have a Twitter Party on Thursday, June 14th between 6-7pm PST where they will talk about how to encourage your children to continue reading throughout the lazy days of summer.  Teachers and librarians encourage to not take a vacation from reading but  have that be a part of your family activities. 

Some suggestions to keep your child reading throughout the summer include:

Visit Your Local Library
As a child I remember how much I enjoyed taking school trips to the library and finding a quiet section to read the latest Nancy Drew novel. Check with your local library as many have activities at night such as story hours and some have programs where older kids will read to younger kids.

Show Children That Reading is Fun
One of the most important things we can do as parents is to show our children that reading is important to us and enjoyed. If they see reading materials such books and magazines around the house, this emphasizes that reading is fun and not a chore. Growing up there were always tons of books and I am not surprised that I consider reading to be one of my favorite past-times!

Set Reading Times
Every night my daughter gets to choose which book either my husband or I will read to her. She knows that the time before bed is set for reading a favorite or new story. It is important to establish a designated time each day for reading together. With the summer months it can be easy to push this activity aside, but if you make a set time it might turn into a routine or habit and something you look forward to doing together as a family.

Make a List
Write down in a journal the Top 100 books you would like to read together. You can find some suggestions at the Scholastic website (www.scholastic.com) where they list the Top 100 children’s books. There is some satisfaction when you get to cross each book off the list after you read it together.

If you would like to join in the PBS KIDS #gno Twitter Party go to the Mom It Forward site (www.momitforward.com)  to sign up.  There are details on how to participate (it is really easy) and where to go. If you have never participated in a twitter party – it is quite fun and engaging.  PBS KIDS, iVillage, Scholastic and SuperWhy TV will be some of the the brand panelists.  I will be participating as one of the community panelists and we all will be sharing some more tips on how to encourage reading.


Photo courtesy of Mom It Forward


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