Celebrate the Love of Reading and Writing with the Children’s Book Insider Giveaway!

We are so excited to be celebrating the love of reading and writing with the Founders of the Children’s Book Insider – Jon Bard and Laura Backes – at our Facebook Party August 13th at 5:30 pm PST!  These two started the Children’s Book Insider some years ago because they felt there was a real need for writers to have a meeting point and provide some advice, suggestions and even offer some cheerleading to continue on with their dream of publishing a children’s book.  They have a panel of experts who provide great posts about the industry.  I have found their site and newsletter to be very helpful and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to pursue their lifelong dream of writing a book!  Look for my interview with Mr. Bard this coming week. 

Now for the goodies!  Boy, we have some great friends who have donated some really fantastic prizes including promo codes for apps and eBooks, signed copies of books, plush dolls,  subscriptions and a gift card.  The combined treasures retail over $600! I have listed the companies and individuals who have donated items so please stop by their Facebook page to say hello!  And good luck mates – see you at the party August 13th where we will hand out even more goodies and announce the giveaway winners.  Plus author/illustrator J.H. Everett, author Chris Pedersen, author Merrily Kutner and many others will be joining us at the party – so bring your questions.  

FACEBOOK PARTY DETAILS:  Just go to Penelope the Purple Pirate Facebook Page HERE: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Penelope-the-Purple-Pirate/184530521575620?ref=hl on Monday the 13th at 5:30 pm PST to join in on the FUN and GIVEAWAYS!   

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A BIG thank you to our Sponsors:

Children’s Book Insider – three (3) subscriptions to their newsletter.

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Author/Illustrator J.H. Everett – four (4) signed copies of his newly released Haunted Histories middle-grade book.

Author Kim Chatel (McDougall) – two (2) signed copies of her books: Rainbow Sheep and Horse Camp.

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  1. I try to provide my son with lots of books to enjoy, take him to the library and read lots to him. I also make sure he sees me reading! So far has worked out – he is an advanced early reader.

  2. Stefanie says:

    we incorporate all sorts of things with reading.. crafts, train table, related sensory bins, outtings to reinforce topics from the books..

  3. I have 2 special needs boys and I have to do different things for each. My oldest I let him see the movies then I read to him parts in the book that you don’t get to see in the movie thus he becomes interested in the rest, the other I use interactive app books so he can have more of a visual interactive experience while he reads. :)

  4. Michelle Sledge says:

    Ive been blessed with 3 boys, and each of them are so different. My oldest son loves to read and saved up his birthday money to buy his own Kindle. The other 2 don’t enjoy reading as much, so sometimes it’s a challenge. I try to focus on what their interests are. Also, I read books that are on their level, like the Percy Jackson series, and if they see me get excited it piques their interest.

  5. Christie says:

    With my toddler, it has been access to books, books, and more books (and now of course ebooks too!) I’ve read to both of my girls before they were born and read today so they can see me do it! But I think one of the most important things to do is relate the book/story to something familiar that they can relate it to.

  6. All of these things would be great in my classroom! Thanks for the chance!

  7. I start by reading. Then asking then to draw a picture about the story/ last I add writing about the picture they drew.

  8. Bonnie Wegmann says:

    I provide my son with books (paper, interactive & audio) wherever we are. I show him how much I love reading by always having something to read while I am waiting for him during his therapy sessions. He sees my read, his father read and his siblings read for the sheer joy of it. We have conversations about books we have read or ones I want him to be exposed to. When watching a movie or tv show based on a book or series of books, I will point that out then pull the book out to show him. We talk about how much better the book is than the movie/show and why it is better. When I read to him, I am dramatic and change voices for the characters so it seems more real to him. Hoping he will continue to enjoy books as much as he does right now!

  9. Donna Hill says:

    My son loves books so it is not hard to get him into reading. I use a lot of read to me books and I have my own library here. So I am the characters. My voice changes and the looks I get from him are so rewarding. He will bring books to my husband and me to read. As far as creative writing we have not gotten there yet.

  10. Helen Wagner says:

    I encourage children to love reading and creative writing by modeling a love of reading and writing for my students. I also select fun and engaging Reading and writing tasks for my students.

  11. Veronika says:

    For reading with routine and enthusiasm. For Creative writing, providing a lovely book that they pick to write their ideas in.

  12. We are always reading to my three children and there are books everywhere in their rooms. We also have a quiet reading time right before bed that allows the children to pick up what ever book they want and read it for a half an hour before going to bed. The kids can’t say they are board at my house cause I tell them to read another story. We also have written their own stories on the computer and printed them out for them to read when they want. They draw the pictures for the stories.

  13. Rebecca Russell says:

    Thanks for giveway, looks like great stuff!

  14. READING is indeed FUNDAMENTAL!!!!!

  15. We go to story time at the library every week and then check out books to read at home!

  16. Jennifer says:

    My son just loves to read. I just have to keep a supply of books available in a variety of styles and subjects, so he can choose his fancy for the day.

  17. I don’t have kids or nieces or nephews, so I donate books to the Christmas toy drives.

  18. I encourage them by reading aloud and letting them find interesting books themselves at the library!

  19. cary davila says:

    I use daily signs and instructions to help my children read. I tell them everything is easier when u can read. Reading is fundemental and an excellent source for life.

  20. Jennifer Hayes says:

    I try to read and write more in front of them

  21. I started reading books to my daughter when I was pregnant with her. Now, we read together all the time and she definitely inherited my love of reading!

  22. Daily Woman says:

    I try to read to them and get books they are interested in.

  23. I read to them always when they are young and now that my son is 6 he is reading on his own, I let him read what he enjoys – which happens to be non fiction and all science related. Its ok with me as long as he is reading. He ended Kindergarten with a reading level of a mid 3rd grade. I’d say the method is working :)

  24. By acting out favourite scenes from the books.

  25. Gloria Wilson says:

    Books are such a great resource

  26. It helps to be seen enjoying books and surrounding them with books that would interest them.

  27. Valerie Maples says:

    We read with Nichole and encourage her to let us know what she likes. Although Nichole is non-verbal, we try to play 20 questions with her verbal approximations and write them down and let her hear them back. She would LOVE to benefit from this as well as help others!

  28. Vicki McMeans says:

    I encourage by having lots of books on all kinds of subjects available and by reading with him. I also set an example by reading for myself. We try to make reading and writing a fun time together.

  29. Julie Ahern says:

    My children see me reading all the time and want to come lay on the couch with me and read like mom. It’s a wonderful time!

  30. We love books in our house! The kids all have bookshelves in their rooms, we go to the library with a suitcase to carry all our borrowed books home, we play word games, play with words, make jokes, have fun! We read and talk about everything around us, and hunger to find out more. It’s not just about reading and writing but about learning and sharing :~)

  31. We try to expose them to books on many different topics.

  32. We are SOOOOO pleased to be part of the great list of sponsors for this event. Thanks for having us.

    Wanted to share with you all that kidEbook was founded after i saw my 11 YO baby brother, which is autistic, operating my iPhone so professionally & with great joy. Instantly i knew that i must make the kids digital world to be a better place. SO, we started with story book apps, next week we’ll launch smart toddler picture book apps & the next huge project will be to create a well animated funducative app for autistic children.

    See you all in the Facebook Party August 13th at 5:30 pm PST.

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    kidEbook LTD
    yam Regev

  33. Les Johnson says:

    I have always read to my daughter and taken her to book stores/library and allowed her to pick our whatever books she wanted. She loves to read.

  34. I read with my son every night before bed. Books are in several rooms of the house for him to look at. He often brings them to me to look at together.

  35. Caren sue evans says:

    I read to my boys and discuss sip,e details to help with comprehension. trips to the library….e-books as well.

  36. Gloria Wilson says:

    Choose really interesting books and do fun activities relating to the books.

  37. We read to my dughter every night before bed along with weekly visits to the library.

  38. I like to read a lot to my students and pick books that are of interest to them. Then we do writing and fun activities about the books.

  39. I have four boys ranging from 2yrs to 14yrs….and reading is a huge part of our lives. I read my teen’s books so we can ‘debrief’ about them together. I also read the same books as my 10yr old (I can usually do that in one night!) and I am reading chapter books to my 5yr old every night. This has become part of the bedtime routine, and I no longer have any problems getting him to go to bed, he actually looks forward to it! My two year old loves reading all our picture books, and will sit on the lap of his brothers as they read to him too!! I wrote a blog post about it – http://myhappyhero.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/igniting-the-imagination-the-transition-to-small-chapter-books/

  40. To encourage reading and writing in our house we celebrate author and illustrator birthdays — http://www.happybirthdayauthor.com.

  41. I read every night to my kids’! I Thank you as always for offering the giveaway and giving the opportunity for myself and others to enter!!

  42. The party was A-W-E-S-O-M-E–!–!

    Thank you everyone for participating & thank you Melissa for having us!
    Looking forward to the next one :-)

    http://www.kidEbook .net
    Yam Regev

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