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Nina Lim of Super Harry’s Rotten Luck storybook app from PicPocket Books has provided us with some cool gifts to hand out from Down Under.  She put together a package of Australian stuffed animals, Super Harry’s Rotten Luck pad and pens, and cookie cutters that any child (big or small) will enjoy! 

So make sure to enter to win one of these Australian goodies!

And read about our interview with fellow writer and mom Nina Lim who realized her dream of creating a children’s storybook app:


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  1. My favorite trip I have taken is to Cambodia on a mission trip!

  2. Valerie says:


  3. Bonnie Wegmann says:

    My favorite trip I have taken was to Ireland! 10 days of family time in the land of my great grandfather was beyond awesome!

  4. Christie says:

    London&Paris on a college history tour

  5. Helen Wagner says:

    My favorite trip was to Sanibel Island, Florida!

  6. Julie-Anne McCarthy says:

    My favourite trip was to Nashville Tennessee. I spent a summer there in College and loved all the free open air concerts by the river. The people were super friendly.

  7. Barbara DeLarwelle says:

    Sadly I have never taken any major trip…our best “trips” were moving children in and out of colleges. Suprisingly fun!

  8. My favorite trip would be to Vegas (both times). Once to get married once divorced KIDDING! ha-ha on the latter that is … anyway, it was great and I had a blast both times there (and yes, did have a hunka-hunka-burnin-love of a marriage that fizzled out 21 years later however, two really awesome kids and I can’t complain!

  9. Trip to the Outback & Great barrier Reef!

  10. Bobbi Capwell says:

    I loved my trip to Japan. It was great. The country is so beautiful and the people so sweet and helpful. Nara and Tokyo and Yamatokoriyama are filled with such treasures.

  11. Jennifer Hayes says:

    road trip across the us! NY to Mexico to California and back across the nothern states!

  12. My favorite trip was a cruise with hubby for our 20th wedding anniversary.

  13. debbie jackson says:

    I went to the USSR while in college

  14. Sunitha says:

    my fav trip is one we took to Cambodia.

  15. My favorite trip was a high school trip to Hawaii! It is beautiful there.

  16. Crystal B says:

    Every trip with my children :) My honeymoon way back.

  17. Marita Lightbody says:

    Taking my kids to NZ for a couple of weeks and seeing snow for the first time with them.

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