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This week we are talking with Woody Sears  who is one of the Founders of  Zuuka and his knowledge of the consumer and mobile technology industries has proven essential to the growth of the company’s digital publishing platform. After co-founding FrogDogMedia with fellow entrepreneur Graham Farrar, the company’s iStoryTime digital publishing grew tremendously leading to a merger with Germany-based zuuka GmbH, resulting in the world’s largest publisher of mobile children’s books. Under the name zuuka, the newly formed company utilizes the largely successful iStoryTime name as its flagship label and joint brand.

Developer iStory Time (Zuuka)  is one of the largest developers in the market and provide us with such favorites as The Pirates: Band of Misfits (love this one), Madagascar, and many others.  One of the things I like about this company is the quality of product they put out.  They were fortunate to be one of the first on the scene years ago and secure agreements with the major studios such as Dreamworks. 

One of the wonderful things about companies such as Zuuka, is with their products, they are helping to reinvent the art of storytelling with light animation, memory games, puzzles, etc.  There are such a range of possibilities with digital storytelling it is quite amazing.  When we were kids this was not available.  In fact, when I tell my five year old that mommy and daddy didn’t have an iPhone or iPad – she is quite amazed.   Our children have at their fingertips a world that we couldn’t have even imagined as kids! 

iStoryTime has provided us with some codes for our August 13th Facebook Party and for our newsletter subcribers!  Thanks iStoryTime.

To read more about this company and the products they provide go here:

Some screen shots from Madagascar 3 – Europes Most Wanted:  I saw this movie recently and think it is the best Madagascar movie yet!


 What is your child’s favorite character in Madagascar?



  1. Lori CG says:

    My son loves Marty but I’m partial to Alex!

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