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It is so wonderful to see other authors realize their dream of creating a children’s picture book.  I think many parents are inspired by their children to create something they can share with them.  This week I had a chance to interview Nina Lim, Author and eBook Publisher of Super Harry’s Rotten Luck that demonstrates to kids that some days just aren’t that great.  And by changing his actions, Harry is able to change his luck.  It is written and illustrated  is such a hilarious way – you are sure to get some laughs while you read it together.  Here is what Nina had to say about her journey so far:

 Why did you decide to launch your children’s story as an app?

 I wanted to create a children’s book app when I saw how much magic and learning was possible with the iPad. The opportunity to add narration and sound effects was really fun. Most of all, I was impressed with how the iPad was able to engage kids in stories, who may not otherwise be interested in reading.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?

Not surprisingly, I would say the marketing of it! It can be tough to be noticed amidst the sea of apps. But if you believe in the quality of your work then that gives you the strength to keep going.

What do you find to be the most successful way of marketing your app?

I can certainly say that the most enjoyable part has been meeting new people. I’ve met so many fabulous, passionate and talented people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met, and that’s been a real pleasure. Super Harry has not been long on the market, so I’m still finding out what works best for me and what doesn’t.

 Any future apps coming out?

My next story is about a very hungry and adventurous little cook! Keep an eye open for “Henrietta is Hungry”. She will be making her way into the world soon!

 Best moment or comment that made all the hard work worth it?

The most rewarding experience has been going into schools and sharing Super Harry with kindergarten and year 1 students. It’s such a delight to see the kids laughing and tapping and swiping their way through the story.  It’s a joy to see them engaging and learning with something you created. And then we have a good chat about it afterwards!

Thanks Nina!  You can read more about Nina and Super Harry’s Rotten Luck here:

Here is Super Harry’s Rotten Luck HD in iTunes:

Nina has provided us a Down Under Giveaway that will be posted on Monday!


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