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There some products you come across and say “Why didn’t I think of that?”  The fun and helpful app that Anahelena Natera of Zen Labs developed – is one of them!  I think this is such a great idea as most parents take hundreds of pictures with their iPhone and promise themselves they will organize them “one of these days”.   I know I am one of those people but I never seem to get around to it!  With the Kid-Capsule app, you can organize your photo’s according to date and event.  You can make notations to where the picture was taken, what was said (as we all know the funny things kids say), and there is even room to organize the whole family into their own sections if you choose to.  This app provides a wonderful way to journal your family members  and document lasting memories. 

I had the opportunity to speak to Ms. Natera about her app:

Tell us how the idea to create this app came about?

I am one of those people that has to preserve every moment in time, so when my daughter was born I went crazy trying to keep track of everything she did. I realized that I had my iPhone with me even on those late night feedings and I found myself jotting everything down on my Notes app and cross-referencing photos and videos.  The notes and cross referencing was getting out of hand so I decided to combine my experience as a software developer, my love of graphic design and passion for photography to create my own app for preserving the memories of my daughter’s adventures in growing up. Kid-Capsule is sort of a spin on a baby book/photo video gallery/scrapbook rolled into one. I hesitate to call it a baby book because it’s geared toward parents of children of any age, not just babies. It’s also designed in a modern and fresh style that can be appealing toward moms, dads, grandparents, babysitters, everyone that has a child in their life.
What other apps do you have in the works?
I am currently working on a spin-off of Kid-Capsule for the pet lover. 
Thank you Anahelena for developing a product that makes our lives easier!  I think a Kid-Capsule for pets is a great idea as most people who have pets take pictures of them as well.  And Anahelena has provided Penelope’s mates some codes for a Kid-Capsule Giveaway!  Make sure to enter to win this great app that will help organize the hundreds of pictures you have stored in your iPhone!
To read more about Anahelena and her products go to:
Kid-Capsule iTunes link:
And here is a post I wrote that provides tips to getting AND staying organized – from the paperwork, homework, housework, etc.  I mentioned Anahelena’s product and some others – check it out:
 Here are some screenshots from this great app!


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