App of the Week: Henry! You’re Late Again!



It is so fitting that I am reviewing this  storybook app today as we were late getting to kindergarten!  Usually we are right on time but some days don’t always work out that way. And today was one of them! Henry! You’re Late Again by ZebraMinds and written by Mary Evanson Bleckwehl and illustrated by Brian Barber touches on a subject that most of us have experienced in our lifetime. Some more than others but I won’t name names!

The story starts out with the option of turning on/off the narration and music. I always enjoy this feature as sometimes my daughter likes to have the narration and sometimes she likes me to read the story. There is also a choice of having Henry (the main character) read or Mary, the author read the story. They also have an About button that pulls up a picture of the author and illustrator. This is quite nice for a child to see firsthand who wrote and illustrated the story they are about to enjoy.

The illustrations are fun and we particularily liked the dog as you can find him sleeping in the bed with dad or grabbing Henry’s sister smelly socks and taking them out of the room! The animations are simple and add to the story – such as when you touch the alarm clock it moves around and around, or when you touch the donut sitting on dad’s dashboard it slowly disappears as if you are eating it. YUM! Throughout the story, Henry wonders if Miss Timberlane, the school secretary has overslept, wears socks or would change a baby’s dirty diaper.

This is a cute story and the illustrations remind me of the type of books we enjoyed as kids. Kind of old school!  I think you will really enjoy this silly story about Henry and his family always being late. And his fun observations about Miss Timberlane, the school secretary.  It is fun to watch Henry’s face when he discovers she DOES wear socks and DOES NOT live at school. But you read the story to see what else Henry has to say about her. Too cute!

GOOD NEWS! ZebraMinds has provided us with some codes to hand out in our newsletter tomorrow, August 31st – so make sure to sign up so you can grab some goodies!

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