App of the Week: Questions2Learn

Questions2Learn is a tool for therapists, teachers, and parents to use to help individuals understand and answer who, what, when, and where questions.  One of the things I love about this app is that the creator, Leanne Pool, uses her therapy dogs to help encourage children learn how to read.  She told me that she worked with the organization called Human Animal Bond and would bring her dogs in to help.  This is what she had to say about her dogs, Moca and Dakota, and how they help children and seniors:

“Moca and Dakota, my dogs, and are shown on my website & in my app. We volunteered through an organization called Human Animal Bond in Leavenworth, KS. Moca was a big hit in the school setting with the kids who read to her. She loved it. Dakota went into hospitals and nursing homes mostly. My dream is to open up a private practice for Speech/Language Therapy using my dogs in therapy.”

On the first page we can start right away with the WH- questions or if you are a parent or educator, you can go to the section called Pick a Student which takes you to a page that allows you to add students, their ages and grade level.  You can them customize questions based on their age and grade.  A very nice feature for educators!  You can choose to have the voice and visuals on or off.  Another nice feature is that the list of questions is categorized into different sections such as Home, Health, Leisure/Recreational and School.   You also are able to collect data on the students to see how they are progressing.

My five year old was able to navigate around quite easily but it isn’t necessarily an easy app!  On each page there is a wh-question such as What do you wash your hair with?  And then we will see four pictures to choose from.  If you pick the wrong picture you are asked to try again.  If you choose the correct answer then you are rewarded with right answer and a cute picture of one of her therapy dogs.  I think this is key in this educational app as children love to look at pictures of dogs and cats.  At least I know we were quite entertained to see the dogs in different smiling “poses”.

Excerpt taken from the website:

This app has over 200 questions and is organized in six different categories with adjustable settings to meet your students needs.  A great tool to use with students who have a variety of disorders and severity levels.

Overall, this is a fun educational app that utilizes therapy dogs to encourage reading.  A great concept!

Link to website:
Some screenshots – check out Dakota and Moca: 

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