App of the Week: Smarty Britches Nouns



Cyndie Sebourn of Sascyn Publishing has done a wonderful job in creating a fun and educational app in Smarty Britches Nouns.  She has designed an app that makes learning about NOUNS quite entertaining.  No small feat when you think this subject matter can sometimes be tedious to learn by youngsters.  My six year old is playing with the app right at this moment as I write this review – she particularly likes the scenes with the family in the living room where dad is playing a Rock-n-Roll song on his guitar.  Are you intrigued yet?

The app centers around Nouns and the different types of nouns.  We learn the definition of a noun and throughout the story are given examples of people, animal, idea and place nouns.  These lessons are set in a fun story to keep the little ones entertained.  We start in the bedroom of a cute Southern boy whose lighthouse toy lights up and makes a very realistic boom noise with an explanation that this is a thing noun.  These clever additions can be seen throughout Smarty Britches Nouns. 

You know you are getting a quality and tested educational app as Ms. Sebourn is a National Board Certified Teacher with over 25 years teaching experience!  It is a unique story that introduces one to the Southern way of living and talking – pretty cool addition you don’t see in other apps that make this a multi-dimensional educational app!  It reached #4 in iTunes in the educational apps – congrats to Ms. Sebourn!

To read more about Sascyn Publishing go here and check out the Guest Post that Ms. Sebourn wrote about the importance of having Apps with Cirriculum:

Ms. Sebourn has provided us with some codes to hand out in our newsletter!  This will be a sure hit in your household.

Here are some screen shots from this great app.


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