App of the Week: Pictures Book Circus

Pictures Book Circus is part of a toddler app series by developer kidEbook.  I have looked at their other toddler apps and think they do a really fine job at creating apps that will engage your little one.  From the colors, sound effects, animation and topics (who doesn’t love the circus?) you will find your toddler laughing at the silly things the animals do throughout the app.

In Pictures Book Circus, we find a mix of circus animals including an elephant, a hippopotamus, penguin and lion among others.  Each animal does a trick when you touch the screen.  The animations are simple but effective at engaging a child.  I liked the elephant because when he flips the balls in the air with his trunk, his ears wiggle back and forth.  Also, there is fun music each time an animal performs his trick and most of them are giggling.  Anything from whistles, a train going by, to a trumpet can be heard throughout this app.  Oh, and the lion is quite exciting as he roars and taps his feet.  Again, this is the perfect app to excite your toddler.  I know when my daughter was that age she loved to look at the Baby Einstein video’s with the different sounds effects, animation and of course animals featured throughout.  These apps remind me a bit of that vibe.  The colors and graphics are fantastic. 

KidEbook has done a fine job in creating these fun and exciting apps for the toddlers!

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GOOD NEWS!  kidEbook has provided Penelope’s mates with some codes to hand out in our newsletter!  So check your email this coming week (will post when going out on Penelope’s FB Page!).

Screen shots – you can see how cute the animals and colors are!








  1. Thanks Melissa for sharing our adorable app :)
    As you mentioned, we have 2 more toddler apps in this cute series. you cn find them here:

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    Yam Regev
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