App of the Week: Kids Fun

Kids Fun is an award-winning app that provides hours of entertainment for children’s ages two to about six years old.  The graphics are wonderful and the sound effects charming.  The first page opens up and we can choose which animal/game we want to start with.  There are over 70 activities in included in the app including puzzles, matching games, coloring, memory games (which my six year old really enjoyed), hide-and-seek, dot-to-dot, stickers and more!  You can see why Kids Fun has been sold in over 60 countries!

One of the things I really liked was the simplicity of the activities.  Your child will easily be able to figure out what each game requires.  And if your child isn’t reading yet – no problem as there are no words in the entire app.  Again, the activities are easy enough to figure out what is required to do but will keep them interested in the task-at-hand.  Another feature I liked was that there are little surprises throughout such as the kitten or parrot who peeks at you from the bottom of the screen while you are playing the dot-to-dot game. Or the sweet ladybug who likes to walk across the screen while you are doing an activity.  This is a cute feature that will surely engage your child.  The sound effects are quite soothing – with birds chirping in the background which any parent will tell you is a nice feature to have as many of apps can be quite noisy.  I think this was a great idea by the developers because by offering a soothing background this allows the child to fully engage in the activity and not be distracted or overwhelmed by extra noise.

It is easy to get around the app and there is a little pink heart on the right side of the screen that you touch that takes you to the next screen or activity.  My daughter really enjoyed the page where you touched the animal and they make the noises that they make in the wild.  I can’t say we had heard a walrus sound before and this was quite fun to hear it!  Kids Fun provides a quality app that provides hours of entertainment and educational activities.  And loved that each activity/animal was in a colorful polka dot.  I am a sucker for polka dots and this was quite fun to see throughout the app.  But there is something for both girls and boys as many types of animals are featured. This is one of those apps that teaches children while they are having fun.  Not a bad feature at all!

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