App of the Week: SoGaBee’s Math Facts


Developer SoGaBee of Hangman Sightwords has come out with a fun new app called Math Facts.  Yes, I did just use the word “fun” and “math” in the same sentence!  For many children math can seem confusing and difficult but SoGaBee has managed to do what they did for learning sight words comprehension and with Math Facts, created a fun app to help with learning basic math skills.  And it is is fun – take my six year old daughter as a good case study – since we downloaded the app she is constantly going to this one first, even before her storybook apps. 

The app opens up to a page where we have a choice to use different options such as Flash Card, Multiple Choice, or Fill In.  If you opt for the Flash Card option, we are taken to that page where we can select the operation we want to practice – such as addition, subtraction, division or the multiplication, and then we can choose what level we want.  Plus you get to select which character you want to work with and they include Robot, Dino, or Sophie.  So once we have selected our character, operation and level – off we go to practice math.  We chose Robot as my daughter is all about robots these days, and it starts off him holding a white board and the equation is on the board – much like what a child would have in school.  We answer the question and can ask for them to show us the answer if need be.  Then off to the next question.  I like that there is a Quiz Mode feature that allows you to have the answer shown immediately or if you want to have them do the quiz – they only see the problem such as 1+6=? The multiple choice section is quite fun because as choose the correct answer then the robot gets a new piece of his body put back on.  This addition acts as a reward system if you will because each time you answer correctly you get to see the robot get rebuilt.

There is also a Trophy Room that shows how many levels you have unlocked.  Plus, they have a Results History Page that lists your child’s score (if they selected the quiz mode), how long it took them to complete the task and the date.  This app has to capacity to record several users results so that all of your school children can use it. I think you will find this to be a great addition to your educational apps.  Who knew math could be so much fun!

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