Book of the Week: Scaredy Cat


Bish Bash Books has created a sweet tale with Scaredy Cat by Stuart Trotter.  This adorable eBook starts off with a young scaredy cat who tells us all the things that he is afraid of such as monsters under his bed and creepy-crawlies that fill him with dread.  The illustrations are really sweet and Stuart Trotter has done a wonderful job at capturing all the things that little kids might be afraid of.   My daughter and I laughed at the part of the story where the kitty tells us that “I’m scared of flies, and wasps, and bees,” and “I’m scared they’ll make me eat my peas!”  Most of us know the challenges of getting our kids to eat their vegetables! 

Each page is filled with the young cat telling us all the things in the world he is afraid of including wondering if there are sharks in the pool (I remember thinking this after seeing the movie Jaws) and that he is afraid of the big kids in his school.  Again, the story touches on many life circumstances that might seem scary to a child.  The story is set in rhyme and as an author I now how difficult this can be to do well.  This book is well written and the ending is so sweet – I immediately smiled.  It is one of those books you and your young child will come back to time and again.  By talking about the things that make the young cat afraid – helps open the doors for a child who might be experiencing some of their own fears and the book helps them to be able to talk about them in a safe environment. 

You have the option to read by yourself or have the story read to you by narrator by Matt Marshak.  There are some fun sound effects such as the dogs barking and the frog croaking. When you are looking for a sweet tale that addresses some important issues young children face – you will find Scaredy Cat to be a  great resource.  Again, I promise you will love the ending!  Which I won’t spoil for you but it will make you smile and hug your kid!

The following information was found on the Bish Bash Books website:

Scaredy Cat is aimed at children from 2 years onwards and combines a page turning story, bold colorful graphics and catchy music to provide a kid friendly, parent approved, interactive children’s eBook.


• Provides an engaging and entertaining story with bold visual colors that children will enjoy
• Read aloud narration
• Highlighting text to help early readers with word identification
• New Scaredy Cat music

You can get your copy of Scaredy Cat now for your iPhone or iPad from the iBookstore

Bish Bash Books is a New York based company that publishes a range of children’s eBooks.  You can read more about their company and the books they offer at: and visit their facebook page at

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