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BOO!  Another year of goblins, pumpkins and zombies are upon us!  This is probably one of my favorite time of year as I love just about everything there is about this time, including the weather, style of clothes and of course Halloween!  I have so many great memories from Halloween as a kid and this was always a fun holiday in our household.  I am one of those neighbors who can barely make it through September before I start decorating for Halloween. 

So, together with me mate Charly James, and our participating sponsors – we have come up with some fun and spooky Halloween goodies for Penelope’s mates including:

$25 Target card from Hamaguchi Apps (http://www.hamaguchiapps.com/)
2 $10 iTunes gift cards from Ellie’s Games (www.elliesgames.com)
$10 iTunes gift card from Penelope the Purple Pirate (www.melissanorthway.com
5 promo codes from PicPocket Books for Boo! (www.picpocketbooks.com)
5 promo codes from PicPocket Books for Night With Echo (www.picpocketbooks.com)
Pirate Tutu Outfit from Halo Heaven (www.haloheaven.com)
2 signed books from Merrily Kutner for Z is for Zombie (www.merrilykutner.com)
2 signed books from J.H. Everett for Haunted Histories (http://hauntedhistories.com/)
As we couldn’t have these fun goodies to offer without our wonderful sponsors – please stop by their Facebook Pages and websites to say hello and thanks!
Check out this adorable Pirate Halloween costume that Halo Heaven.com donated for the giveaway!  It includes a pirate lace tutu, pirate bandana, pirate hat and eye patch, earrings, jeweled sword and pirate tattoo’s.  Can’t you just see this tutu over some black tights!  This fits 2-7 years of age.

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  1. Watching my 20 mo. old proudly walking with her bag filled with candy to the rim trying not to stumble because it weighed so much.

  2. Going through the neighborhood as a kid getting all the homemade goodies like popcorn balls.

  3. My favorite memory is the year hubby and both sons dressed up as football players and I dressed up as their cheerleader (A friend still threatens with with photos!)

  4. Tammy and The Triplets says:

    Last year seeing the triplets all dressed up and ready to go trick or treating. My two beautiful princesses and Woody the Sheriff!

  5. My favorite Halloween memory is when my Grandma dressed up as the Energizer Bunny!

  6. Never could make homemade costumes!?.

  7. Tell us your favorite Halloween memory. – I was 16 and there was a Halloween Dance. Me and my 2 friends went. We dance for 5 hrs straight and laughed so much our tummies hurt. Then this guy who I was talking to for awhile shows up and I was shocked. I didn’t think he would come. That made my night. We dated and stood with each other till I was 21. Then it turned in the Friday 13 after that LOL LOL LOL .. ah well ..Still my best memory.

  8. Halloween was always my fav holiday… just to see what costume I could come up with that was unique every year when i was a teen ager I created a new costume… my favorit costume… a carpet!

  9. Helen Wagner says:

    Favorite Halloween memory…going to the school Halloween carnival (can’t have those now…has to be a fall festival), and freely trick or treating with friends (no parents required) on the way home, in my own neighborhood! Also, loved helping my mom make popcorn balls to give out! Those were sweet times!

  10. So far, it is my daughter loving her butterfly fairy costume so much that she didn’t want to take it off!

  11. Cassandra says:

    My favorite Halloween memory is my parents and the neighbor across the street having a “friendly” competition to decorate the scariest front porch. They both went all out.

  12. Stacie Edwards says:

    My favorite memories are of watching my boys trick or treating!! They really enjoy dressing up and gathering all that candy!!

  13. Jenna Marie says:

    Halloween has always been my favorite Holiday as long as I could remember. In 1999 on Oct. 16th I fell 26 ft. from a second story building and landed on my head. I broke my eye socket bone, elbow and fractured my ribs etc…. I was put on life support because of the head injury. Anyways, that year I was suppose to participate in a church Haunted House for Halloween and I was still able to because I looked scary just being myself. I didn’t need a costume. I had black swollen eyes, 33 stitches, a cast etc…That will be one Halloween I will never forget. LOL

  14. Jennifer Hayes says:


  15. I loved bobbing for apples, looking for money in my dinner & seeing who was going to get the wedding or engagement ring in the bairn track!

  16. My favorite memory is going trick-or-treating with all of your neighbors in a big group.

  17. The first time we came to the US was when I was 12. We’ve never celebrated Halloween before and Mom thought the trick or treaters were going around giving treats instead of asking for them. Thankfully, she only got a treat from two kids before our relatives informed her how it all works. We still laugh about it to this day.

  18. I went to an awesome Halloween party way out in the country. We loaded up a wagon and went on a great hayride and had a bonfire after!

  19. Sherri Burgan says:

    Mine is when my dad accidentally ran my foot over while trick or treating LOL I know morbid but it’s so funny now!!!!

  20. My favorite Halloween memory is when I was dressed up as a cat and I attacked a little boy who was dressed up like a ninja because he was teasing one of the neighborhood cats. Catpower!

  21. Jeannette Solimine says:

    35 years ago, I took my little sister trick or treating. I was dressed as a black cat and she was dressed as a white mouse. She was a lot younger so we didn’t do much together back then, but we had a lot of fun that night and posed for a lot of pictures together.

  22. Karen Tolman says:

    My favorite halloween memory was the year I dressed up as a baby and my sister did as well. We were old enough to walk the neighborhood alone and went as twins. It was so fun and cute!

  23. Valerie Maples says:

    My favorite Halloween memory is when my oldest children were very small and finished first and third in a costume contest. Drew was a pumpkin in his wheelchair and Cindy was a ladybug. They were so cute! :-) Of course, I’m not at all biased… 😉

  24. Caren sue evans says:

    My sister and I soaping out own windows and getting caught!

  25. Making spooky treats with my daughter, niece and nephew when they were too small to go trick or treating, and watching their excitement when children came to the door in costume.

  26. One halloween, I split my lip after falling off my bike. I really looked forward to going trick or treating that night, so I didn’t want anyone to know I was hurt. I tried to hide it by wearing my Batman mask during dinner time. I thought I could get away with it, but my big sister insisted I take off my mask to eat. The good news is that I still got to go trick or treating.

  27. Favorite memory is from last year when my little boy signed thank you after he received treats from the houses we trik or treated at. This year will be another one for the memory books…he can now almost say trick or treat and thanks!!! 😉

  28. When my daughter was 2 and she saw the kids came trick or treating ! She loved seeing the kids all dressed up!

  29. Sorting through all the candy and goodies after trick-or-treating. I still love to do it with MY kids!

  30. Ontoinette says:

    Carving pumpkins with my family.

  31. maryalicia says:

    How awesome and exciting for you to be doing this. I hVe so many fond memories of Halloween, this year We made homemade candy corn

  32. Favorite Halloween memory has to be when we first moved here (Gaffney) as they close the streets down around where I live (History area) and all the large older homes decorate(d) and had themes – it was so great and I was pulling the kids in the wagon and it was just a great time! This is the best place to go trick or treating with the kids by far!

  33. Rebecca G. says:

    I’m a nanny and last Halloween the family I worked for had their baby, 8 weeks early! It was a fun surprise!

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