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This week I am featuring Patrick Larsson of Happi Papi.  This past spring I heard about a new program they were putting together that would provide teachers free access to iPad apps they could use for the classroom, and at the same time, provide developers a chance to put their apps into the educational market.  A win-win situation in my eyes!  Patrick talks to us more about how they got into the business of developing apps and why they started the App Evaluation/Teacher Program.

Tell us more about how you decided to get into the business of making apps.

There are actually two reasons for this. The first one is the same reason as for almost every other kid’s app developer; we wanted better quality apps for our own kids. The other reason is probably more unique; Happi Papi’s two co-founders (my self and Jens Ode) where co-owners of WannaPlay, Europe’s first DVD Game studio. For 7 years we released major blockbuster games for the Scandinavian market such as Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Guinness World Records and Planet Earth. When people stopped asking for DVD-games (around 2010) it was only natural for us to move on to app development.

Tell us more about the App Evaluation/Teacher Program and what you hope teachers and developers gain from this program.

This program can best be described as a win-win-win situation. Teachers win because they get to test paid apps for free with no obligation. Developers win because we get an opportunity to put our apps in front of a very motivated part of our target audience which leads to both increased awareness for our apps (long run) and more sales opportunities (short run) if teachers find the apps good enough to be used full scale in their classroom. Lastly, the consumer (kids/students) win because all apps given out will be followed up by a questionnaire about how the app can be improved from an educational standpoint. These surveys are not mandatory for the teachers to fill out but about 20-30% do it anyway. In almost all cases so far that has been enough to provide the developer with app specific comments from more than 100 respondents.

Any news you want to share with Penelope’s mates?

Well, since Penelope is a pirate I guess we can share the news that Happi Papi is hard at work right now on Happi Pirates, a pirate app of our own. There will be word challenges, math problems, puzzles to complete, treasures to find and secret messages to decode. If all goes well, Happi Pirates might be out by Christmas.

Other app news is that we are developing a very ambitious teaching tool together with two Swedish educators. The app is called Happi Stories at the moment but since release is slated for “sometime next year” that might change. This app will be something completely different from what we have done in the past. This time you will tell the story instead of us.

Last piece of news we would like to share is that our latest app Happi & The Word Thief was just featured by Apple in the New & Noteworthy section. We will celebrate that by joining App Friday this week with a sale price of $0.99 (reg. $2.99).

Thanks Patrick and Jens for putting together this great program for teachers and their students!  Such a great way to promote literacy in the classroom using the latest technology.

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