Book of the Week: Neandersmall and the egg

Bish Bash Books has put out another adorable eBook with Neandersmall and the egg written and illustrated by Sam Walshaw. The story is about a young Neandersmall who lives in a cave with him mommy and daddy, who are called Neandertall.  One day he announces that he is going to go explore the jungle and try to bring back dinner for the family.  He soon comes upon the biggest egg he has ever seen in his entire life!  He wants to bring it home to show the family and the story takes us for a fun ride watching him try to push, roll, or pull it home. 

I really like the animations as they are quite colorful and sweet.  The little neandersmall boy is adorable and it is fun watching him try to figure out how to bring back the biggest egg ever!  We watch him ride on top of it flowing down a river, snatched up by a dinosaur and even plops on top of a volcano.  Sam Walshaw has packed a lot of story into this sweet eBook with a surprise ending.  Best suited for ages 2 on up.  There is even a song at the back that you can sing along with.  You have the option to have it read to you or to read by yourself so it is beneficial for early-readers.   Matt Marshak does a great job at narrating the story and engages the reader. The pages turn automatically or manually which is a nice feature for those reading by themselves, plus the words are highlighted as they are read aloud.

I think you will find this to be a quality eBook that your little ones will enjoy.  The animations are simple and fit in with the illustrations.  For example, the first page shows baby Neadnersmall waving hi to us.  We really enjoyed this story and the surprise ending!

To read more about Bish Bash Books and read about their other eBooks go to  They are based out of New York and their vision is to provide engaging, educational and entertaining eBooks, apps, podcasts and classic paper books.





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