Penelope’s Mini iPad Holiday Giveaway

Last year I was able to be part of a family who were the recipients of an iPad for their special needs child through a program that donated 50 iPads in 50 States in 50 Days.  It was an eye-opening experience as I was able to see firsthand how much these devices can help children, especially children on the spectrum.  We have gathered some developers to help put one of these devices into the hands of a family – just in time for the holidays!  There are 8 developers who have sponsored the iPad Mini and Domeo Products has donated cases for all of the giveaway winners (we have four giveaways total going on til the end of December!).  Plus Disney and PBS Kids will donate some codes to their popular apps and all the developers participating have also generously donated codes.  I love to see when good folk come together to help others.

We couldn’t have done this without the help of the following developers and friends.  So please stop by their websites and Facebook Pages to say hello and thanks!  And good luck to you mates.

WHAT:     Simultaneous iPad Mini Giveaway’s along with a case donated by Domeo Products that will be filled with top apps.

WHEN:  Both start November 13th and ends December 11th at midnight. Winner will be announced at our December 12th Facebook Party.

WHO:  The following developers have sponsored this giveaway:

DEVELOPERS:  SoGaBee; Mobile Education Store; SpeakInMotion; iStoryTime; kidEbook; MacCheeky Books; Super Harry & Other Tales; Bish Bash Books; Speech Pups LLC; Ellie’s Games; “Brush of Truth” by Story Bayou, Inc.; AbiTalk Apps; Let’s Go Chipper; PicPocket Books; ELFISHKI; and Ink Robin


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SOGABEE is based in Orange County, California and have produced and continue to produce fun and educational apps such as: Sight Words Hangman; Sight Words and Spelling with Pixopop and now their newest app Math Facts Fun. SoGaBee was created by Marcel, a full-time software developer by day and part-time app developer in the evenings and on the weekends. SoGaBee was created while Marcel was sitting in the doctor’s office with his daughter. At that time she was wanting to practice her “sight words” and Marcel did not have them on him. At that moment the thought came to him “why not make an app for sight words” so they would always be available. At first SoGaBee’s prototype was being developed by and for an android device as that was what Marcel had at the time. While he was waiting on his brother for graphics and music, Marcel took that time to explore iOS development. It took Marcel three months from start to finish on SoGaBee’s first app and two months on the android version. Teachers and parents enjoy SoGaBee’s apps as they turn boring and mundane tasks for students and kids learning into something that is fun and makes it enjoyable so they want to do it.
Facebook Page:

MOBILE EDUCATION STORE is based in Salem, Oregon and are dedicated to providing cost effective educational tools for parents of elementary aged children. Their products take advantage of the mobile visual and touch mediums that are now available to the masses. By engaging the visual, audio and tactile senses, their products help children learn faster and retain what they learn with more ease. Titles of their apps include the following: SentenceBuilder, SentenceBuilder for iPad, QuestionBuilder, QuestionBuilder for iPad, StoryBuilder, StoryBuilder for iPad, LanguageBuilder, LanguageBuilder for iPhone, ConversationBuilder, ConversationBuilder for iPhone.
Facebook Page:

SPEAKINMOTION is based in Arlington, Virgina and was founded to bring VAST to a larger population of speech-impaired individuals and speech professionals. VAST is an innovative application of video technology to facilitate and improve communication abilities for speech-impaired individuals. Following close-up video of mouth movements allows these individuals to speak full sentences. The simultaneous combination of visual, auditory and, in some cases, written cues, allows these individuals to readily produce speech. They currently offer the following VAST product apps available for iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad:  VASTtx – Key Words and VASTtx – Therapy Samples; VAST Autism 1 – Core (also avaible in Spanish); and VAST Songs 1 – Intro.
Facebook Page:

iSTORYTIME is based in Santa Barbara, California and produces wholesome entertainment for kids when you’re on the go. iStoryTime was dreamed up by fathers who are committed to their families and love to have fun, especially with technology. Driven by a passion to share books with their own children, they wanted to make it possible to always have a book to read with your little ones. They have an eclectic library of children’s books from a variety of authors and artists including: “Biscuit” series; “Madagascar” Movie Storybook Collection; “The Smurfs” series; “Ben 10” series; “Megamind”; and even “Shrek Forever After” to just name a few.
Facebook Page:

kidEBook is based out of Tel Aviv, Israel and their legendary apps for kids are here to give your children the best educational, fun experience of a touch-screen devices. kidEbook presents original and classic interactive books for children made in PPS format with adaptation to the touch screen technology. The books are developed for children aged 1-6 with eye-catching illustrations that are simple, yet educational. kidEbook offers classic and original interactive story tales with educative games. kidEbook offers you and your children a chance to take part in active reading processes and games, based on modern technology. Titles of their interactive story books available for the iPad include: Rabbit and Turtle; Little Red Riding Hood; Panda Panda; Circus; Cars; and Professions. kidEbook has currently started to offer some of their interactive story books on  GooglePlay and they are working hard to to have all others available soon..
Facebook Page:

MACCHEEKY: A ROYAL PEST! SERIES BOOKS is part of PicPocket Books vast majority of authors. Anita Reynolds MacArthur who still has her day job currently resideds in Montreal, Canada and is the author of the award-winning series featuring Prince Hayden MacCheeky. Simply put? Prince Hayden is a royal little pest! In book #1 “A Royal Little Pest” Prince Hayden MacCheeky is a real little prince who learns that playing with his royal siblings is way more fun than imitating and irritating them. In book #2 “A Royal Little Pest: Mine!” Prince Hayden MacCheeky is a real little prince who learns that a little royal sharing leads to a lot of royal fun for everyone. Both hardcover books are available in digital interactive format on iTunes as apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Both storybook apps offer a cute story and wonderful illustrations! MacCheeky’s interactive storybook apps promote early learning and help children develop reading skills offering relevant animations and feature professional voice recordings by morning radio host and popular Toronto media figure Erin Davis. Both storybook apps were illustrated by Karen Roy.
Facebook Page:

SUPER HARRY & OTHER TALES is part of PicPocket Books vast majority of authors. Nina Lim is the author of “Super Harry’s Rotten Luck” and is based out of Perth, Western Australia. When Nin created “Super Harry’s Rotten Luck” as an interactive book app she realized how much magic and learning was possible with devices such as an iPad. Nina turned her dream of writing into reality after having children and even started her own publishing company, Bright Button Publishing in order to bring fun and interactive books and apps to kids. Nina is currently working on “Henrietta is Hungry” for iOS devices and it is currently available in print form from Amazon.
Facebook Page:

BISH BASH BOOKS is based in New York and helps children live happily ever after, one story at a time, hooked on the simple pleasure of reading. Bish Bash believes that every child should be given the opportunity to enjoy in the pleasure of reading. Each new children’s eBook from Bish Bash Books provides an original kid friendly, parent approved reading experience. Bish Bash Books blend unique stories, bold colorful illustrations, read along narration and music that engage, educate and entertain. Bish Bash Books has an interesting start to how they came to be and we encourage you to visit their website to learn more. It’s time to have some fun reading!
Facebook Page:

PENELOPE THE PURPLE PIRATE is based in Irvine, California and was created by award winning children’s author, Melissa Northway. Melissa’s goal as a mom and educator, is to teach children that they can be whoever they want to be. Melissa’s company, Polka Dots Publishing, supports organizations that empowers girls to have choices, such as In a culture of pink and princesses, it is nice to offer girls a role model who embraces adventure-taking, while promoting respect and kindness towards others. Melissa currently has two interactive storybooks available on iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad: “Penelope the Purple Pirate”; and “Gerry the Giraffe”. Melissa has several other titles that are available in print from Amazon.
Facebook Page:

DANDELION MOMS is based in Irvine, California and was created by award winning children’s author, Melissa Northway. Melissa wanted to create a website that embraced all women to show that they all women are beautiful, strong and resilient. Melissa’s journey started six years ago after the birth of her daughter. It was then that Melissa was inspired to write children’s picture books.  Melissa joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) to find out how to make her dream of publishing a book come true. The journey was long and tons of work, but in January 2011, her first storybook app, “Penelope the Purple Pirate”, was released through her company Polka Dots Publishing (yes, Melissa started a publishing company to make it happen) and PicPocket Books. Melissa shares her story as often as she can because she didn’t listen to the naysayers who said the way she was going about getting her story published wasn’t the way it was done.  Melissa is a big proponent of carving your own path and going after your dreams. Melissa’s biggest hope is that you are inspired by the women who write about their journey on dandelion moms and she encourages all to share theirs as well!
Facebook Page:

POLKA DOTS PUBLISHING is based in Irvine, California and was started by award winning children’s author, Melissa Northway. Polka Dots Publishing, Inc. was founded in December of 2010. Melissa’s goal was to create interactive and educational children’s storybook apps and books utilizing digital technology. Polka Dots Publishing’s first storybook app, “Penelope the Purple Pirate”, was released by PicPocket Books January 2011 and has gone on to be a Top 25 iTunes book app as well as chosen as a Top 10 Must-Have eBook by lilsugar of and a Top 10 Educational iPad App by Digital Storytime with over 10,000 downloads. Together with PicPocket Books, Polka Dots Publishing will be releasing two new storybook apps and books this fall including “Penelope the Purple Pardner”, and “Clarence and the Traveling Circus”. Melissa’s most current release through Polka Dots Publishing, Inc. and PicPocket Books: “Gerry the Giraffe” has already received numerous top reviews and a 5 Star Rating from Readers Favorite. Polka Dots Publishing, Inc.’s services now include consulting for new and established authors and developers looking to maximize social media platforms. From concept to creation, they can provide you with expert advice and strategies to make sure your app or book gets noticed. Part of Polka Dots Publishing, Inc.’s promotion package includes Facebook Parties that place your product in front of an engaged audience. You can read more about what Polka Dots Publishing, Inc. offers to promote your business or product in the Consulting section on Melissa’s website.
Facebook Page:

DOMEO PRODUCTS is a new company that makes iPad cases. Domeo Products has provided us with a case for each of our [four] giveaway winners! Domeo Products iPad Mini Cases come in four wonderful colors to choose from.
Twitter: @DomeoProducts



  1. I live in the USA and an iPad mini would be an amazing tool to have when teaching my developmentally delayed son in home school… Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  2. THanks for your support.

  3. I live in the US. Having an iPAD mini would be an incredible benefit to my 4 children who are all developmentally/socially delayed. The apps and tools available to the iPad mini would help me prepare social stories to prepare them for new events as well as help my verbally delayed 2 year old learn to speak in ways that are engaging and fun! Thanks for giving someone this great opportunity!

  4. I live in the United States that this giveaway will benefit my son who is autistic and non-verbal. We are currently trying to raise enough money to purchase one for him and some communication apps. This is very important to us and I am glad to be given the chance to win. Thank you so much!

  5. Jeannette Solimine says:

    I live in the USA and this would help me with both my special needs daughters and organizing our lives. Thanks for providing this opportunity to win something I can’t afford to buy!

  6. Nellie Aguilar says:

    I live in southern colorado. I have been trying to get an iPad for my 11 year old special needs son for over a year now. There is no possible way for us to be able to save up to buy one since I have had to quit working full time to stay home and provide more care for him. He has multiple disabilities with High functioning autism, tourettes, and sensory processing disorder being our top three struggles. He also has vision problems which makes learning very difficult for him. He currently uses an iPad during therapy 30 mins/week and has improved but slowly. Having an iPad would give him the oppurtunity to use the same apps for home/school/therapy. His special education teacher has already confirmed that he would be able to use the iPad for the majority of his work in school because of the things they can make available to him. Since we didn’t get any diagnoses until he was 9 we didn’t have the opportunity to take advantage of the early intervention that is offered and I highly believe that with an iPad he would be able to learn so much more and at a quicker rate. This would be a HUGE help for him going into middle school next year.

  7. I live in Canada with my husband and 6 children. I would absolutely LOVE to win an ipad for my four year old autistic daughter. I know this will change her life!!

  8. I live in the USA, and an iPad mini would benefit our homeschool.

  9. I live in Arizona, USA. I would love to have an IPAD mini for my art students!

  10. We live in the united states. we have 4 children at home, but I would love to have the ipad mini for my daughter who is 8 with a rare from of epilepsy and is nonverbal, and globally delayed. she is more like 12 months. the speech therapist at her school doesnt believe she can learn but i have seen in her an ability to learn, she does know more, all done, bath, and a few other words. If she know these words I believe she can learn others. THank you for this oppurtunity

  11. I live in the USA and I would love to win an ipad mini to help my neices and nephews as well as a friend’s grandkids to enjoy reading, artwork, and the interactivity that comes with using an ipad. I think it would wow them and open up their little minds to a world of wonder.

  12. I’m in the US. An iPad Mini would be very helpful for my daughter to use when we are out and about. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Shay Bradley says:

    I am in New Zealand. Would love a mini iPad to have the apps for helping social skills on.

  14. I live in Fiji Islands. I would use an i-pad mini in therapy with my SLP clients.

  15. I live in Florida. The iPad mini would be used for my son with Apraxia and Dysgraphia. Thank you!

  16. I live in the us and if I won an iPad mini it would be so wonderful for my kids. It is such a great tool for learning. Thank you for all that you do.

  17. I live in the US, and would love to have an iPad mini for me to carry around as well as let my children use on the go.

  18. I live in the US (though we are in Norway for 2 months for my husband’s job) and we homeschool. This would be so amazing for homeschool! Several of the curricula I use have iPad apps for supplement, and, of course, just using it for other educational apps! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!!!

  19. I live in the USA. I think the iPad mini would make a great AAC for my non verbal 2 year old son.

  20. Deborah Lemke says:

    I live in the US would love to have a mini to help my son with some fine motor issues as well as for reading!

  21. USA – Aiden’s school does not have ipads and this would help his teacher if I can send it in with him for his speech.

  22. I live in Maine, USA. An ipod mini would be great for my 14 yr old son who is diagnosed with pdd-nos, learning disabilities, ADHD, and borderline intellectual functioning.

  23. I live in the USA. My son has complex medical issues and an iPad would be tremendously helpful for his language (significant expressive language delay), education (so many amazing educational apps out there!) and pure enjoyment (he spends a lot of time at the hospital for appointments/procedures).

  24. Donna Minor says:

    Hi, I’m a fan from Georgia!

    My youngest son has an iPad. I tried getting it through a grant program, but waiting seemed the same as holding him back, so I scratched and saved and bought him one. It has been quite an experience! My oldest son, Keith, who has Asperger’s, has an iPod, but does not use it much, because he says it is too small, so it is hard to hit the right buttons. There are so many apps that I want him to use, but like I said, he cannot manipulate the iPod correctly. I would add those apps to Dakota’s iPad, but Dakota takes it to school with him. I was basically told by the school that Dakota’s iPad would only be allowed if all of the apps were appropriate for him. The problem is that Dakota is only 7 (developmentally, he is more like 4), so the apps I want for Keith are not “appropriate” for Dakota! I think that having a device that Keith can use both at school and at home, that will help him learn (especially social skills, which do not seem to be a priority in the school system), and build his confidence. That’s my story!

  25. Cindy Beeler says:

    I love give aways! Not only is it exciting to try and win some cool things but I have just found out about 3 book apps! I love book apps! So excited to download some new books for Cole!!!

  26. I live in the USA and It would be helpful when homeschooling my high spirited little one.

  27. Live in the US. Would love to gift this iPad mini to my mini me, Maggie 😉 She is the best daughter and big sister to Luke. Thanks again for hosting this giveaway Penelope, Melissa Norway and ALL of the app developers that have contributed. What a win this would be!!!

  28. Kristen Dann says:

    I’m Kristen and I live in Florida. I am a single mother to an almost 3 year old little boy. He is diagnosed with autism, adhd, and spd. This ipad mini would help us out tremendously in so many ways. My son is starting to talk and I credit it all to the ipad he gets to use in speech therapy. He is a visual learner and he loves electronics. There are so many wonderful apps that would help me to teach my son things and get him ready to go into the school system next year. My hope is to be able to mainstream him in kindergarten and I truly believe that an ipad could help us to achieve that goal.

  29. Patty Kepley says:

    We live in California, USA. This would be a huge blessing to be able to use the many apps out there. We homeschool and there are so many apps that would help us with the day to keep things learning in the Kinesthetic style that my Autistic 9 yr old needs for retention. This would be a HUGE HUGE blessing as being a Solo parent on a fixed income that barely stretches I do not see a way to purchase one as the basic needs have to come first. Thank you for offering us this chance.

  30. Jessica Conkey says:

    I live in the USA. I’m hoping to win an iPad to use between myself and with my boys. My oldest son is on the autism spectrum and I’ve been looking to get an iPad for over a year to use with him. Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!

  31. Helen Wagner says:

    I live in the USA. I would like to win an iPad mini for my speech therapy classroom.

  32. I just started to work with app’s and I think I have a great future developing apps. Now I don’t have an iPad which should be crucial. I think I will open up my vision and expand my possibilities with an iPad so I can design apps for all platforms as well as come up with more intuitive ideas for a bigger screen. I like kids books and I’ve done one myself. But my future will probably be in gaming, either for kids or more intuitive memorable games.

  33. Although I am sure it would be shared with others during trainings and workshops in the evenings/weekends and will help me test out the mini as an AAC option for loan library parents, primarily this iPad mini would serve as a support device for my 8 year old son, who has autism. He also has fine motor and vision delays, and needs keyboarding support/cannot keep up with handwriting tasks. We have a keyboarding device on loan, so would love to have a permanent support in place, and of course there are so many programs for communication, visual schedules and timers, social skills, vision therapy and fine motor, not to mention storybooks and other educational apps that would be wonderful for him to have access to on this child sized device!

  34. oops, I live in the U.S. 😉

  35. Bonnie Bobeck says:

    I live in the USA. An iPad mini would be ideal for my 5 year old autistic son. He currently has a full sized iPad, but it is too large & bulky for him. He has severe fine motor skills issues and constantly drops his iPad. We live in fear for the day it will break. Should we be fortunate enough to win a mini, we will gift his current iPad to his autistic cousin who is older and doesn’t have fine motor issues.

  36. I live in the USA and the iPad Mini would help me keep in touch with my large family around the world. :-)

  37. I live in the USA. I would like to win an iPad Mini for my children to use. I have adopted 5 children with special needs ages 2-8. They are the loves of my life. They have social skill issues, math and reading deficits, and global developmental delays, just to name a few things we struggle with daily. Many of the issues we struggle with do not improve except with repeated practice, and that’s where an iPad mini would help. Running apps that would target skills that they need to develop is what I would use it for if I win!

  38. Sherri Burgan says:

    I live in the USA and it would benefit my Autistic son

  39. Angie Gorz says:

    I livve in the Suburbs of Chicago, IL (US), and it would benefit my son who has Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Primary Speech delay (aside from Autism), and the list continues, but those are the big ones. He is currently recovering from 2 surgeries for the CP. The mini ipad is light and easy for him to hold. He enjoys educational apps much more than one would expect. I don’t have much of anything for Santa to put under the tree, so it would be amazing to be able to give him one of these.

  40. Suzanne berhow says:

    I am an SLP of two small schools with a dozen student who need better aac

  41. I live in the USA. My kids and I would benefit from winning an iPad mini, because it would help us stay up to date with technology. Thank you for this giveaway!

  42. Lisa Takefman says:

    Lisa t. I live I. an SLP I would love to use the ipad and all it’s apps for my lovely needy clientel

  43. I live in USA. It would help in homeschooling my son w/ autism.

  44. mihaila carmen says:

    i live in Romania and my son 10 years with adhd will love to play at ipad to relax!!! thank s girl

  45. Hi! Thank you for the contest and information! As I was looking through the entries, I found so many new and useful blogs!

  46. Barb Waller says:

    We live in Canada..

    I would like to send A Big Thank You to all of the Amazing Developers and Domeo Products for their generous giveaway.. You Rock!!!

    Matthew would love this ipad mini as it’s the perfect size for him to use when were out in the community.. :-) He loves being the kool guy with a voice of his own… :-)

    Cheers and Good luck everyone!!

  47. I would love a mini for Dean’s AAC use. It would be easier to transport around school and I could get rid of the horrid clunky case.

  48. i live in the USA. the ipad mini would help my son who has had seizures and a stroke which has caused brain injuries and he has speech problems and he has a learning disability. the ipad would be used for him to put educational apps on because he learns best playing a game. thanks for the opportunity!!!

  49. I live in the USA. I would give the iPad mini to my non verbal 2 year old grandson. He has autism and I think it would help give him a voice

  50. Dana Clark says:

    I live in the USA. It would help me get my grandsons ready for school. One of them starts next fall.

  51. I live in the USA. My son is 2 and non verbal. I think the iPad mini would help give him a voice.

  52. Matthew Boushey says:

    I live in the USA and have two daughters under the age of four who wold love he ipad mini.

  53. Tiffany Boushey says:

    I’m in the USA. The iPads would be used by my daughters.

  54. Loris Ayoub says:

    from Israel.
    I would love to win this because
    1.- it will help my daughter with her speech delay.
    2.- here are way too expensive and I could never afford one
    3.- I have an old phone and I can’t use it for browsing, so this will be so helpful
    4.- Only 1 laptop at home, my hubby and son spend plenty of time using it and me….nothing :-(
    thank you

  55. Karen Tolman says:

    USA and I would really love to win an ipad mini to help my memory to remember numbers, names and appointments as I cannot remember squat since we had a tragedy happen in my family. My doc diagnosed stress, so did neurology but I have missed three appointments in recent weeks and they are going to start costing me docs at the rate I am going :(

  56. Sharon Turriff says:

    I live in Australia. An iPad mini would really benefit my kids with their learning. I can’t beleive how much my daughter has learnt already just from using apps on my iphone

  57. I have three special needs children. We own two ipads which help my children greatly! Even though we could use a third device, I would like the chance to give the ipad mini to a well deserving family who doesn’t own a communication device. I see how important it is to have an ipad in those little hands to someone special and I want to make a difference in someone’s life. Thank you for reading and giving someone a chance to a new wonderful life!

  58. I reside in Japan during the school year and am from the USA. An iPad mini would help me with my ELL students and my multilingual preschooler!Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  59. michelle p says:

    I live in The US! and winning an IPad mini would mean so much to me i want one so bad and it would help alot i hate having to lug a lap top around.. it would make like so much easier and my kiddos of course would love it! with all the apps you can get!

  60. Valerie Maples says:

    We live in the USA and an iPad mini would allow us a new format to encourage AAC and literacy among poor, handicapped kids here in rural Mississippi.

  61. Live in England. My boys would benefit from the ipad mini as they are both homeschooled. Especially my eldest autistic son as I’m sure there are lots of apps that could help him both with coping with life / communication skills as well as educational apps.

  62. We live in the USA and an IPad mini would help my 5 year old daughter with apraxia and developmental delays have another avenue to learn and communicate with others.

  63. I live in Wisconsin (USA) and moderate a FB group called Educational strategies for children w/Down syndrome. My daughter w/DS is nine and also has leukemia. An iPad mini would be so very helpful for us since she is a strong visual learner and loves electronics. She has weekly and long clinic visits for the next two years as part of her ALL treatment. Thanks a ton for the opportunity!!

  64. I live in USA (California). I want to win this because I make a lot of videos and could use an iPad Mini to edit them

  65. My 3 wild boys, hubby, male dog & male fish& I (the only girl, sniff, sniff) all live in the USA.My oldest son, Tysen has Down syndrome. As a teacher and parent I have seen first hand what this technology has the capability of doing for all kids, but especially for kids like my Ty, who have a harder time learning. Simply put, this technology could change all of the lives in our family by just helping one of us! Independence, cognition, a wide array of academic possibilities…it’s virtually limitless.

    Crossing fingers & toes!

  66. Vicki McMeans says:

    If I win this iPad mini it will be given to the child of a friend. The child has autism and would benifit greatly by having an iPad to use. Thank you for the oppertunity to win. We are in the USA.

  67. Tricia Elsner says:

    I live in Federal Way, WA in the USA. I would like an iPad or iPad mini for my 15 yr old son, Ian. He uses an iPod touch for communication but for typing out sentences we need something bigger that support Proloquo2go.

  68. Renee' Harris says:

    I live in Jamaica. And winning the iPad Mini would really benefit my little cousins. They’re 2,3,6 and 7. I know they’ll love all the educational apps. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  69. Erin Eyster-McKain says:

    Winning an Ipad MIni would help my twins with autism.

  70. Catharine P says:

    I would like to win one to donate to my son’s autism classroom. Just found out they dont have one at all. There are 6 kids with severe autism, my son included, that would GREATLY benefit from such an amazing tool. THanks so much for sponsoring this giveaway!

  71. Kelley Norris aka Daisyjane says:

    I live in the United States, and if I am lucky enough to win the ipad mini I plan on giving it to my daughter to help her little girl who has autism. She’s a single mom and couldn’t afford to buy one on her own and I am disabled so it’s a chance to win one well worth taking, as this would help my little granddaughter tremendously..thank you

  72. Dianne Saunders says:

    I live in Canada and I am an OT. Having an iPad mini would allow me to work with children in small groups which would be great for social skills and keeping costs down for parents. I have a “personal” iPad that is probably 95% filled with the apps that I use with children.

  73. We live in Oklahoma…my son is 7 and was a 1 pound preemie at birth. He would benefit greatly from an IPAD. Thank you so much for this giveaway.

  74. Stacy Mitchell says:

    Here in WA, USA and would love to have another device to use iPad apps for my kids to share . Thanks!

  75. I live in the USA. If I win this iPad I will use it essentially as my DJ at my wedding. Allowing people to put songs in a queue. I will also use it as an easy way to track inventory for my job managing an online store.

  76. Hi, I live in Ireland, and my son has autism and attends an asd unit and I would love to be able to help out his teachers by being able to donate the ipad mini and apps to them to help my son and his classmate.


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