10 Easy Steps to Write a Letter to Santa Claus


What a magical time of year to be a kid – or big kid at heart!  What better way to get into the spirit of things than to help your children write a letter to Santa!  Here I provide some tips on how to write to St. Nick and tell him about some of the wonderful things you’ve done for the year and mention the toys you would like most this year. 

1Set the scene.  To get into the spirit of the holidays I have holiday music playing nonstop.  This is the perfect time to put in your favorite holiday tunes and even wear a holiday hat.  Tis the season!

 2.  Get out some colorful pens and paper.  There are different sites that offer some Santa Letter templates if you want to use these.  Or you can use plain white paper and decorate it as you see fit.  Santa likes personal letters so you can’t go wrong! 
3. Begin your letter with a greeting, which is also known as a salutation. Good ways to start your letter include “Dear Santa” or “Dear Santa Claus.”
4. Make sure to let Santa know who is writing the letter. Of course he knows who you are! But you need to let him know that it’s you that is writing the letter because he gets so many letters every day.
5. It’s polite to ask how he is doing. Since Santa only gets a letter from you once a year, it would be polite to ask how he is doing and about Mrs. Claus and the reindeers. 
6. Tell Santa how your year has been. This is a good time to write about all the good things you have done this year such as helping to pick up your room, doing your homework, and being nice to your siblings before you ask for toys, as you’ll want to remind Santa Claus of some of the good things you’ve done this year.  Santa already knows these things because he sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake, but he likes to be reminded of the reasons you should be on his “Nice List.”
7. Now is a good time to ask write down the toys you want. You asked Santa how he was doing and also about Mrs. Claus and the reindeer, and told him some of the nice things you have done this past year – so it is okay to mention the toys you would like. Try to keep your list to a couple main things that you want the most. That way he’ll know which gifts to bring.

8. Thank Santa for being so kind and close your letter with your signature. Make sure to thank Santa for bring such joy to all the children and for the wonderful toys.  This makes him very happy! Then end your letter with “Love” or “Best Wishes,” and sign your name.

 9. Ask your parents for an envelope to put your letter in.  Make sure to lick the envelope so it’s sealed tightly, and then ask your mom or dad for the address. Maybe even decorate the outside of the envelope as Santa loves colorful things!

10. Give the letter to your parents to send. They’ll put it in the mail and make sure it gets to Santa in time for Christmas.

Santa Clause is a very busy man all year round but especially this time of year so it might take some time to reply to your letter.  But you wrote a polite letter to Santa and told him about some of the nice things you did this year so I am sure he will answer soon!

Parents:  Go here to have Santa send a personal letter and magical key! http://santasentmealetter.com/page/home

                                                                            Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


  1. Just had the opportunity to read this – I’m thrilled we did it right! It was the first year the kids’ actually did this! Thank you ♥

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