App of the Week: Count to 100

Developer Fuzzy Bee’s has put out an educational app with Count to 100.  This is a great app as it helps your child count to 100 in a chart set up like what they use  in schools.  This helps with number recognition and the buttons light up as you press them.  What child doesn’t enjoy pushing buttons like what you find in an elevator (remember the scene in the movie Elf when Will Ferrell kept pushing the buttons in the elevator).  This is set up in lines of 10s to help your child understand how numbers relate to each other.  This knowledge can later be used to help simplify math problems.  You also have the option to count to 10, 20, 30 etc., up to 100 so you can use this app with your toddler on up to your kindergartner.

My daughter enjoyed pushing each of the buttons and having them light up.  You have the option of having a female voice read the numbers as you push them.  There is also a feature to have music played as you are counting or having the numbers read to you.  The chart is set up so your child reads in sequence from left to right which the developer states “may help children with visual perception and motor planning challenges.”  For such a simple app you would be surprised how much your child will enjoy counting to 10 or even up to 100.  It is fun to count to 100 and see the fuzzy bees fly across the screen! What’s not to love about fuzzy bees!

The ACES Teacher review of Count to 100 talks about how to use Count to 100 in the classroom:

 A scaffolded counting experience for students during lessons to support 1-1 correspondence. For example, students can put items in a container one at a time and use the app as a counter to augment working memory.

By setting the grid to 30, students can practice counting during calendar activities (except on months with 31 days, of course).

As with reading and writing, it is important to start the love of numbers and thus math at an early stage in life!  This educational app Count to 100 helps children understand the fluency of numbers and could contribute to developing math-related skills such as counting money and  telling time.

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