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Developer KidsAndBeyond have put out such a wonderful app with Map My Globe.  Just this week I wrote a post for a lifestyle website that talked about the benefits and importance of teaching our kids about the world around them.  This is the perfect addition to your educational library as it literally maps the globe.  The first page opens up with pictures of the different continents with pictures of flags and famous landmarks in each region.  If you push the blinking arrow it takes you to the next page where we can either have a young woman read to us or read it ourselves.  The introduction asks us if we have ever wondered what continent Nambia was in or what currency the country of Ecuador uses.  For any fun-facts loving kid (and adult) this app is filled with really interesting facts about the world!

There is a user profile that offers five slots so that up to five people can have their scores and information saved.  This makes for a perfect tool to use for the entire family as there were several facts that I didn’t know – for example they list the different animals in the areas selected and offer some interesting tidbits about them.  Once you select your user name (you also have the option of uploading a picture of your child or of yourself) you are off and running.  The page opens up to several choices including: Map the Globe, Rewards, Map the Continents, Flash Cards and Fun Facts, Quiz Master and even a scoreboard.  The whole family can play this together and see who scores the most points! The Quiz Master offers several levels up to Level 5 which would be for your older middle school child.  Questions include: What is the capital city of Kenya?  You are given four choices and if you choose the correct answer (Niarobi) then you get a point.  Some of the questions are quite fun such as what country did yoga originate from? 

I really like that they offer a Rewards section. Here you are able to collect items with your points such as a pair of binoculars (100 points), a backpack (50 points) and a compass (200 points) for your trip around the world.  I know with my six year old is motivated by gathering as many points as possible and the Reward section is a bonus as she can actually purchase items with her hard work.   You are told that if you collect every time you are then classified as a world traveller!

The Flash Cards and Fun Facts section is really interesting as well and the page opens up and lists all the continents.  You are able to choose which place you would like to learn more about.  We started with Asia together and learned some interesting facts about Cambodia such as the currency is called Riel and some animals native to Cambodia include the Sun Bear and the gorgeous Green Peafowl which we are told are probably the most iconic birds of Cambodia and that their beauty has turned them into prestigious imperial pets in the world’s royal palaces ffor centruries.  The whole family can learn some fun and interesting facts with this impressive app Map My Globe!  In each page of Fun Facts we can learn about a countries landmarks, animals, fun facts and even music.  For example, we learned about the Erhu which is a kind of violin (fiddle) with two strings that dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907).  It is now one of the most popular instruments in China. 

The developer description of Map My Globe:

The continents, oceans, and poles have lost their places! Map My Globe encourages children to broaden their global awareness, by asking them to place all 7 continents, 5 oceans, and 2 poles back in their proper world locations. Children will learn not only the names of the continents, but the way they are visually represented on all maps and globes. Voiceover of each object teaches children name/object association. A fun animation precedes and ends the game with each play!

We really enjoyed this app and I plan to use it quite a bit to help teach my daughter about the world around her.

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