App of the Week: Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold

We are big fans of Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island in this household as my six year old constantly goes back to this fun app!  Recently, Karen Robinson released part two in the Treasure Kai series called Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold.  As with the first app, you feel that you are part of an adventure and get really engrossed in the story and treasure hunting.  The story is fantastic and you are immediately swept into the adventure with Kai and his best friend, Kate.

The story starts off with Kate running into Kai’s room telling him about an amazing dream she had about a place called Shark Island and that Kai fell into quicksand… but she wasn’t able to finish because Kai shocked face made her stop her story.  It turns out that Kai had the same dream!  He was captured by Dead Witch Tree (love the names throughout the story) and was able to get free by using the word “please”.  And then he woke up and there was a treasure map in his pocket!  The instructions tell him to touch the magical globe in his room and that there is something in the shop that will connect the two friends through time.When he touches the globe – he disappears right before our eyes.  WOW!  Yes, all this is an app! 

When Kate discovers she can see Kai back in time with a magical locket (which you have to open) – you are transformed into Kai’s world of 1540 and Francisco Coronado who is searching the New World for the Seven Cities of Gold.

His journey takes him to Mexico back in time where he watches Coronado as he tells his men that “they must retrieve a key from each of the seven cities and bring them here to reveal the cities to the world.”  And so the adventure begins with riddles to solve and sights and sounds you would find in a cartoon!  This is such a delightful and entertaining app you feel like you got your money’s worth and some!  The animations are fun and we see Kai peeking from behind rocks and the Francisco Coronado’s sword swirl and twist when you touch it.  There are these types of interactive activities throughout the story.  I love the sound effects – especially the treasure chest creaking open. 

This will be sure to become a favorite for your elementary and  middle schooler.  What’s not to like about treasure hunting, gold, explorers, pyramids, and even a tornado!  We really enjoyed all the riddles and clues.  Such a wonderful and engaging app!  There is even a memory game as well to engage your reader!

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