Book of the Week: Boomerang Bear

Stuart Trotter is turning out to be one of my new favorite author/illustrators! His book Boomerang Bear is part of the Eddy and Teddy Book series. Boomerang Bear is a really sweet story about a little boy who thinks he has become “too big for Teddy,” so he throws him out his window. Yikes! Poor Teddy! But guess what? The Boomerang Bear comes back, and back and back. No matter where Eddy tries to get rid of him – he even tries flushing him down the toilet – the appropriately name Boomerang Bear always manages to reappear!

The story is quite clever and we even Little Red Riding Hood brings Teddy back after Eddy left him in the dark woods, and when he tied him to a rocket ship – an alien in a spaceship brings him back.  Our personal favorite was when Eddy left him on the ghost train… and a friendly ghost brought him back that night!  This is an entertaining story for children ages 2 on up.  It is fun to see Eddy’s face each time the Boomerang Bear makes an appearance.  That is, until he mails him to Santa Claus and asks Santa to please find a good home for Teddy.  And when Teddy doesn’t boomerang back to him, Eddy realizes how much he really misses his best friend.  But how will the story end?  Will Teddy and Eddy be reunited?  I don’t want to spoil the ending – but you know Santa is a good guy and brings a smile to Eddy’s face Christmas morning!

A perfect story for this time of year and stresses the importance of taking care of those around you.  The reader has the option to have it read by narrator Matt Marshak.  The pages can be manually turned or automatically.  There is a nice soundtrack if you choose to read it by yourself.   We really enjoyed this eBook by Bish Bash Books who has shown to be a top publisher of quality eBooks!

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Screen shot from the book – look at this adorable pair!


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