Book of the Week: The Sky is Falling

Recently I discovered the wonderful Pixel Mouse House publishing company that focuses on releasing quality eBooks .  The company is run by a group of talented illustrators who have been doing contracted work with the major players in the publishing industry for years.  They recently created Pixel Mouse House to tap into the eBook market.  Their new release The Sky is Falling by Tom La Padula reminds me of the stories our grandparents would enjoy reading.  The story is about Henny Penny who thinks that the sky is falling after being hit on the head by an acorn that fell from an old oak tree.  We join her  as she decides she must warn the King that the sky is falling and meets up with some of her friends Cocky Locky, Ducky Wucky and Goosey Loosey along the road to the King’s castle.  You have to love these names!

The crew head off to find the King to tell him the sky is falling and run across Turkey Lurkey hanging out on a tree stump by the side of the road.  He must go with them to warn the King as well because if they all say the sky is falling – then the sky must be falling… So off the five go and soon they meet up with Foxy Woxy standing by the road leaning up against a tree.  He asks them what they are doing.  When they tell him they are going to tell the King about this awful situation, Foxy Woxy explains that they are going the wrong way.   He explains that he has a shortcut to the Kings castle and to follow him.  We last see the crew heading into a cave with Foxy Woxy. Uh oh! There are no scary illustrations obviously but you can get the idea!

The names are quite fun and the illustrations are gorgeous and a little silly.  For instance Ducky Wucky has an Elvis hairdo with shades and Henny Penny is wearing converse shoes.  I would recommend this for ages five and up.  The message of the story is to think for yourself.  The sky was obviously not falling and if the friends had taken a moment to look around they would have realized that!  We enjoyed this book and think it can be used as an good opener to talk to your children about listening to their gut feelings and to trust their own instincts. 

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