Guest Post: Cyndie Sebourn of Sascyn Publishing

Apps With Curriculum:

Empowering Educators


Apps With Curriculum is about curriculum, not just lesson plans. Curriculum embodies the subjects and planned learnings for an app; it is a summary of lessons. A lesson plan is just a detailed description of instruction for one class.

 That is the difference. Apps With Curriculum is empowering educators with a course of study for each app that is cross curricular in subject areas and involves technology. For the public educators who need it, it also provides alignment to Common Core Standards as well as Bloom’s Taxonomy.

 21st Century Learning Skills focus on collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.  Project-Based Learning is the curriculum that best meets this requirement and empowers students to be College and Career ready.  Apps With Curriculum’s Project-Based Learning activities are in the curriculum of Smarty Britches: Nouns, Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold, and Brush of Truth.

 Reading Strategies provide deeper thinking skills.  They inspire students to apply the apps to their own lives, to other stories, and to the world.  They also prompt students to consider the author’s purpose, to infer, to consider cause and effect, to question and determine importance, to predict, synthesize, and illustrate …the list goes on.  In summary, Reading Strategies are not simple recall questions; they are the essence of deeper thinking.  They are included in the curriculum of the above book apps as well as the following from  PicPocket BooksPenelope the Purple Pirate, Gerry the Giraffe, Choco Gets a Check Up, A Royal Little Pest, A Royal Little Pest Mine!, Tractor Mac: You’re a Winner! Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm, and Tractor Mac Builds a Barn

 The curriculum for  Human Body Detectives’ apps is also aligned with Common Core Standards: Lucky Escape, Battle with the Bugs, and A Heart Pumping Adventure.  These are amazing educational science apps!

 The Latin meaning of curriculum alludes to a racing chariot. That is AWC: it is a race to learn everything possible that pertains to the app. It is a race to help educators. It is curriculum at its best.


My Best,                                        

Cyndie Sebourn

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