App of the Week: Henrietta is hungry


PicPocket Books has recently released storybook app Henrietta is Hungry written by Nina Lim and illustrated by Terence Gomez.  My daughter and I really enjoyed this fun story about Henrietta who loves to eat and takes us on a journey of foods around the world.  She loves to try new foods such as tiny fried spring rolls in Thailand (yum) and squidgy soft snails in France (hmmm) and even huge bags of haggis in Scotland!  Nina Lim uses exciting language such as scrumptious and stupendous when describing what types of food little Henrietta wants to try.  She is looking for the most scrumptious and stupendous dish she can find!


So she began her journey to find the best and most stupendous foods around.  I love the illustrations by Terence Gomez – especially the page of Henrietta sialing in her little bonnet hat in her red boat.  The animations are simple but add dimension to the story.  Such as when her little red boat is sailing across the sea with little fish jumping out of the water.  We found this story to be very entertaining and educational as it allowed me to explain to my daughter about the different foods that people eat around the world.  For example, Henrietta tried hot chili crab in Hong Kong, surprising sushi in Japan and even curly chow mein in China! I even learned a few new things!  I had never heard of sweet clafoutis that apparently is quite popular in Greece!  It makes me want to go visit Greece and try the food.

Poor Henrietta can’t seem to find the most scrumptious or stupendous dish in all her travels so she decides to cook something herself.  She adds all these wonderful ingredients into the large pot and finds that her dish is the stupedious!  Plus she is able to share it with all her new friends she met along her journey.  I love how there is a map of the world and even Henrietta’s Chicken Soup recipe at the end of the story!  We really enjoyed this fun story about Henrietta and her quest for the best meal in town!  Which turns out was in her kitchen all along!  This is a great tool to use if you are looking to teach your kids about other cultures and foods.

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