Penelope’s 2nd Birthday iPad Mini Giveaway


We are very excited to be celebrating Penelope’s 2nd birthday by offering another iPad Mini Giveaway! Our last iPad Mini Giveaway had thousands of entries and many left wonderful comments about how they would use the iPad Mini in their daily life.  I love that the iPad mini offers small hands a better grasp as well as the fact that it can be used for educational and play time for the kids.  There are so many wonderful apps to choose from these days! 

Good luck to me best mates – we appreciate you and all your support over the past two years!  And make sure to check out our interview with the illustrator of Penelope, Paul Johnson, and read more about Penelope’s next purple adventure!

 The developers below have generously supported this iPad Mini Giveaway so please stop by their Facebook pages to say hello!  The information about each company was taken from their respective websites so you can learn more about them.

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 Margie Blumberg of MB Publishing:

As we approach another anniversary in publishing, we are thrilled to have had so many opportunities to inspire, entertain, and engage readers of all ages. From the imagined worlds in our picture and chapter books, to the exciting adventures in our middle-grade series, to our high-concept nonfiction iBook about grammar, we are dedicated to the idea that through words and illustrations, magic can be made.

Our books have been honored by the Association of Jewish Libraries, with a “Notable Book for Younger Readers” designation, as well as by the Mom’s Choice Awards and the Independent Publisher’s Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards with Gold Medals.

MB Publishing on Facebook:!/MBPublishing?fref=ts

Visit their website at:

Bish Bash Books:

Bish Bash Books was incorporated in New York in January 2012 with the simple vision to provide engaging, educational and entertaining childrens eBooks, storybook apps, podcasts and classic paper books that will get children, wherever in the world they call home, hooked on the simple pleasure of reading.  Started by a husband-wife team – this company offers wonderful and quality eBooks from children’s picture books on up to YA books.

To read more go to:

Bish Bash Books on Facebook:!/BishBashBooks?fref=ts

 Pixel Mouse House:

Pixel Mouse House was created by a group of established illustrators who have worked with the top publishing houses.  They felt the market was wide open for quality eBooks and thus created Pixel Mouse House.  They offer a wide range of beautifully illustrated books by well-known illustrators.  You will really enjoy their books as many remind me of Golden Books style story and illustrations. 

To read more go to:

Pixel Mouse House on Facebook:!/PixelMouseHouse?fref=ts

Author Nina Lim of Super Harry’s Rotten Day and Henrietta’s Hungry:

I am a writer, reviewer and ebook publisher. I am a regular contributor to Dandelion Moms and I also review ebooks for Buzzwords magazine. I created Super Harry’s Rotten Luck as an interactive book app when I saw how much magic and learning was possible with the devices.

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia and as a child I constantly had my nose in a book. I always knew that I wanted to be a writer and create my own characters. After school I studied politics and economics at The University of Western Australia, and then I went to The University of Sydney and gained a Masters of International Studies. I enjoyed teaching at UTS and travel and holidays. However, after having children I was more determined to turn my dream into reality. I started Bright Button Publishing to bring fun and interactive books and apps to kids. I live in Sydney’s north a stone’s throw from national parks, beaches and wonderful cafes.

Find Nina Lim at:

Super Harry’s Rotten Luck on Facebook:!/SuperHarrysRottenLuck?fref=ts

Author Anita Reynolds MacArthur of MacCheeky:

Born and raised in Montreal, Anita Reynolds MacArthur relocated to Toronto to pursue a career in educational publishing. She worked for 15 years editing other people’s words before deciding to write some words of her own. She currently resides in a Toronto suburb with her husband, three children, and the family dog Goober. Anita’s inspiration for writing children’s picture book stories comes from the everyday little challenges and miracles that occur in her family life.

A Royal Little Pest (© 2009) is one of Canada’s “Top 10 Great Books for Children 2010,” as awarded by the Canadian Toy-Testing Council (CTTC). One of approximately 100 entries, this first picture book in the MacCheeky series was chosen by a panel of over 1,000 children from across Canada. A Royal Little Pest: Mine! (© 2010) was selected by Nelson Education Ltd. as a Read-Aloud for Nelson Literacy Kindergarten’s new national program. Curriculum-based Lesson Plans were specifically created for this picture book. It is being read in classrooms across Canada as part of the program’s Getting Along unit.

To read more about MacCheeky go to:

And find them on Facebook:

Author Cary Snowden of The Day I Became a Pirate:

The Day I Became A Pirate is the first of many children’s stories Cary plans to publish on digital media, facilitated by a friendship with the inventor of TaleSpring, an online digital publishing platform.  The Day I Became A Pirate is the 2012 Winner of the Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Award for Best Multimedia!

To read more about pirates mates go to:

And you can find them on Facebook:!/thedayibecameapirate?fref=ts


EggRoll Games:

Eggroll Games is located in Winston-Salem, NC and was started by Blake Leftwich and Michael Oder in October of 2011 because they both wanted to make a living creating games (something they both love.) Both Blake and Michael were open-minded about the type of project to start with. Michael was a new father and Blake is a teacher; they were and are interested in creating educational and children’s applications so the idea of making apps for kids came easily. Their specialty was that they wanted to make apps without ads or confusing buttons and menus-interactive toys that weren’t frustrating for very small children. Blake and Michael also wanted to get onto mobile devices since they both agreed that they were the future of gaming and computing. Eggroll Games became an LLC officially in June of 2012 and now have 14 apps on the Apple iTunes App Store and Android devices.
Twitter: @EggrollGames or


FacesIMake is made up of two (2) friendly “hosts” that happen to “share” an [avatar]:: Eyal Dessou Tzafrir (E) and Hanoch Piven (h). Faces iMake is an iPhone App developed by iMagine machine (, in conjunction with renowned artist Hanoch Piven ( and based on his acclaimed art workshops. Faces iMake is the only APP that lets you makes faces using the world around you. Choose from over 150 REAL elements and start making faces today. WHAT MAKES FACES IMAKE SO SPECIAL? * Art lessons by Hanoch Piven filmed in his Barcelona studio. * Choose from over 20 face shapes * Select from over 150 objects to make faces * Funny sounds effects with each item you pick * Save to your photo gallery or assign to contacts * Share your Faces to Facebook or by email.

The 2010 Parents’ Choice Gold Award, and whose reviewer stated, “Faces iMake is the most entertaining and creatively expressive app for the iPhone I’ve seen.” The app, recognized as an effective tool for stimulating right-brain thinking and out-of-the-box creativity, allows users to assemble creative collages using pictures of everyday objects. For users of all ages and all levels of experience, the app includes photos of more than 200 everyday objects that can be used to create faces. A new app will be released on February 7th: Faces iMake ABC and everyone is looking forward to it from Eyal and Hanoch to users! Be on the lookout for what will surely be an awesome app. Check out their iMagineMachine page(s) as well to find other great apps that also encourage creativity, development, curiosity, happiness and more! On iMagineMachine’s page(s) you’ll find all of their apps along with their interactive books.
Twitter: @iMaginemachine

Good luck to ye mates!



  1. Dana Hamilton says:

    I live in the US and my favorite Valentine’s Day was 14 years ago in 1999….a month before my husband and I were married. We still laugh that we didnt make reservations and went to a place that we first went to when we first met…..the wait just to sit down was 2 hours, but it we made the most of that time by just being together, talking and joking around while we waited.

  2. Valentine’s Day has always been dearly special for my DH and me, but my all time favorite Valentine’s Day date was when we had fresh local fish and white wine at my hometown waterfront date hot spot, watching the most gorgeous sunset from the best seat in the house, when, out of no where, a pod of Orcas swam by and made eye contact with us <3! it was the first time ever documented that Orcas were seen in that area, and they have always been a spiritual animal for me. This year, we have reservations for the same restaurant, and it will be even better because we will have our little one with us :-) I reside in the US and Japan.

  3. I am from the USA. My favorite Valentine’s Day was last year when my kids decided to make homemade Valentine’s Day cards to give to their classmates. They worked so hard!

  4. Sharon Turriff says:

    I am in Australia. My favourite valentines day would have to be 1999. The day my husband asked me to marry him :)

  5. mihaila carmen says:

    I am from Romania …i win it a ipad mini from Dandelion Moms and i am so happy for my son… now i have the chance for win one for me…mY favorite Valentines DAY was 12 years ago when i meet my husbant …thank you Penelope for this giveaway !!

  6. eleanor harris says:

    I live in Canada. My favorite valentines day was feb 14 2008, my son turned two weeks old. NOTHING beats the love of your kids! <3

  7. I am from the United States. My favorite Valentine’s Day would be 1997, my SN son was 2 1/2 and my daughter was 4 1/2 months. My son told me having a baby sister was the best Valentine’s present ever! I always knew I was blessed to have such a great family, but on that day I learned that he thought so too. From that day on their bond has been unbreakable.

  8. I live in Israel… and well we don’t do v-day for us it happens every single day of the year. So I can’t say one day that was special.

  9. Kristina Kellogg says:

    I live in San Antonio, Texas, USA
    My favorite Valentine’s Day was in 1999 – it was my first Valentine’s Day being a new mom. My daughter was born on February 1st! :)

  10. Christina says:

    USA….so far 2012, mother blessed with a 2 yr old and pregnant with my second daughter!

  11. I live in the US and my favorite Valentines Day was when I was five-years-old. My mom came to my preschool and gave me a teddy bear and McDonald’s. She got me out of school early. 18 years later I still have the bear.

  12. My favorite Valentine’s Day was last year because my kids gave me home made Valentine’s cards!

  13. Francisca S. says:

    I live in the US. My favorite Valentine was 2011, the first Valentine I celebrated with my husband.

  14. Leticia Collado says:

    I would LOVE to win, im gonna give it to my boyfriend as a gift!

  15. Australia. Never done anything special. Always been with guys who ‘don’t believe in it’.

  16. USA…don’t really have a favorite valentine…many years I was single and it’s never fun. Now we don’t really celebrate it. Two years ago, my husband came to work with a balloon and stuffed dog in his coat. That was sweet.

  17. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    Valentine’s Day is usually not a big deal at our house. We usually bake something or make cookies as a family. I am sure when my kids grow up my husband and I will start doing more.

  18. I live in the USA and my fav Valentine’s Day was in 2009, soon after I started dating my current husband. He bought me a gold plated rose and took me out to dinner and I had a wonderful night! Every year since he has bought me another gold plated rose (in a different color). :)

  19. Melissa B says:

    Great site!! Found so many awesome resources and new fun for my little bitty!

  20. I live in the US and my favorite Valentine’s Day? Hmmm, probably has to be Valentine’s Day 2004… that was roughly when I discovered I was expecting my first child and my fifth Valentine’s Day with my husband. :) Pretty great Valentine’s Day present.

  21. Bonnie Bobeck says:

    I live in the US. My husband was born on Valentine’s Day. My favorite Valentine’s day was 21 years ago when I went into labor with my one and only daughter. She wasn’t destined to arrive until 5 days later; however, the reaction of my husband that night was priceless and for once he focused on making it the best Valentine’s Day for me. It was his birthday, but I got the card, the flowers and the best one on one time with him I could ever ask for.

  22. I live in the US. My favorite Valentine’s Day was when my husband brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers tucked into a basket that I had been ogling for quite some time…

  23. Dianne Saunders says:

    I live in Canada. My favorite valentines are romantic dinners with my hubby who has cooked me a wonderful meal.

  24. I live in the United States. I think my favorite Valentine’s Day was in the second grade with the party and everything at school.

  25. Loris Ayoub says:

    I live in Israel, and my favorite Valentine’s Day was when hubby prepared a surprise dinner that he cooked himself :-)

  26. I live in the US. my favorite Valentine’s Day so far was in 2008. That’s the day I got married to my wonderful husband!! In Hawaii!! :). <3

  27. Amanda Pennington says:

    I’m from the United States of America! I don’t have a favorite Valentine’s Day to date, they’ve all been pretty bad in recent years but hoping that changes this year :)

  28. Maria Malaveci says:

    I live in the United States, and my favorite Valentine’s Day as of yet, is the one I am looking forward to this year, because it is the first year that my son and daughter have really shown excitement for it. They are already wanting to make me Valentine Cards.

  29. I am from the United States. My favorite Valentines Day was spent at home making a gourmet dinner and hanging out all night. Low Key.

  30. I live in the US and this year Valentines Day is going to be great. Spent the day yesterday making valentines cards and gifts with my kids to give to their friends. Cant wait to spend the day together as a family having a nice dinner at home.

  31. Renee' Harris says:

    I live in Jamaica. I don’t have a favorite Valentine’s Day to date.

  32. Kelli Morton says:

    I live in the US and my favorite Valentines Day to date is Valentines Day 2002. My son had been in the hospital for nearly a week as an infant and he got to come home on Feb. 13th the day before Valentines! My birthday is also on Valentines Day so I suppose every Valentines could be my favorite :)

  33. From the United States, favorite valentines day was 1995, the first Valentines day with my lovely wife.

  34. Tiffany Mullings says:

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was the year I gave my son (4yrs old at the time) who is autistic a stuffed dog which he named Honey Dog. It was one of the first spontaeous words he ever spoke. He still sleeps with Honey Dog to this day. :)


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