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Celebrating Dr. Seuss Birthday and Read Across America

By Eric Van Raepenbusch


Every year for Dr. Seuss’ birthday (March 2) families, classrooms, and libraries across the nation find a way to celebrate the legendary author and his books.  Teachers decorate their schools and create themed lessons, retail stores host special events, and bloggers and Pinterest pinners share their amazing activity ideas to help us enjoy a special day (or week) of reading.

I think the excitement is what I like most about Dr. Seuss’ birthday – adults are energized and motivated to read to children. People share their favorite Dr. Seuss quotes and childhood memories reading his books on social media websites.  Children smile because of all the extra effort made by the adults in their lives to incorporate fun into the day. 


The Lorax Craft

 My family read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss on the iPad with the app from Oceanhouse Media.  I had a simple craft ready after reading book – actually I was worried it was too simple.  However, it entertained my 2-year-old son for 30 minutes.

You will need:

 A craft stick, an orange marker, glue, 2 googily eyes, a craft feather, and a copy of The Lorax.




First, color the craft stick orange.



 Then, glue a feather moustache on the craft stick. You could make a moustache with yellow paper if you do not have a feather.





Last, bring your Lorax to life with two googily eyes. 



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 Reading The Lorax and making Lorax craft sticks was a simple and fun afternoon activity.  I like to call these times with my children, memorable family reading experiences.  Maybe next year, when Dr. Seuss’s birthday comes around again my son will say, “Remember last year when we made those Lorax craft stick guys! That was fun! Can we read the book and make them again?”


Eric_headshotI have spent the last three years celebrating Dr. Seuss’ and over 170 other author and illustrator birthdays with my family.  I write about my family’s experiences on my blog, Happy Birthday Author ( to inspire families to consistently read together and create memories with children’s books.




Try creating a memorable family reading experience with a child this month!


About the Author: 

Eric Van Raepenbusch is a stay-at-home dad, blogger, and read aloud extraordinaire. He creates memorable reading experiences by celebrating children’s author and illustrator birthdays. His blog, Happy Birthday Author, shares his family’s reading experiences to encourage other families to read together. He self-published, Three Ghost Friends, a series of picture books for young children to teach the concepts of colors, opposites, shapes and the alphabet.  Over 50 activities ideas for the books including toddler busy bags and many free printables are available at


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