App of the Week: Quest for the Museum Treasures

This educational game brings together some of the best scientific minds from Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the fun, interactive world of Zachy the Robot. Produced with help from Carnegie Museum, Quest for the Museum Treasures lets kids discover new dinosaurs, uncover rare minerals, and learn about the distant past through fossils.
This is really a packed-filled app with so many wonderful educational aspects found throughout! The story opens up with an illustration to the entrance of a colorful museum and a large sign that says “Treasure.”  Okay, I am sold already!  You click the Play button to start the story and an adorable voice says “Hi, Robo friends, type in your name here.” Then you are asked “how old are you.” with ages 3 to 6 listed, though I believe even your older children will love this app as well. Your child touches their correct age and then the next page asks you if you are a boy or girl.  You are then asked to choose your robot face.  Then you push Done!  and and push the Yes button to move forward in the story.
 I like that the instructions are very clear and easy for a young child to follow.  The story opens up to The Mayor of the city (he has a sash that reads Mayor) welcoming the crowd to the opening to the museum.  But soon we realize that there is a problem!  The mayor was so busy getting everything ready to open the museum, he forgot to actually fill it with exhibits!  In come the Robots, who are told to find dinosaurs, and other natural science artifacts –  like geology, mineralogy, and anthropology.
So off they go to ask the scientists who are standing outside of the museum and we are told to pick which museum we want to go to.  The museum choices include Fossils, Minerals and Dinosaurs.  My daughter chose the Minerals museum and after pushing the entrance sign, we are shown a graph of different minerals the scientist wants us to find.  Minerals such as Bauxite, Chromite and Erythrite are listed.  A global map is on the screen with flashing icons of this mineral that tells us where we can find the mineral.  For example, the mineral Bauxite is found in Minas Gerais, a state in Brazil.  There we will be mining for Bauxite which we are told is our main source of aluminum.  Who knew?  I love when I learn fun facts right along with my daughter!  When you push the arrow it transforms you to that location.  We chose to go to China, the other location where Bauxite is found, and once we are transported to that spot we are told to help mine with the other robot team. 
The mining game is great as it helps children learn patterns and shapes and colors.   Once we mine the rocks – we are told from The Mayor that they are in need of aluminium bats in the city so we need to help mine through the rocks.  The scientist comes on the screen and we are shown what rocks he needs for the museum and what rocks to put aside to make the aluminium bats.   Each of the museums offers a rather unique way of interacting with the two main robots who come along on the journey with us as well as learning interesting facts about natural science.
There is a really interesting app that teaches children about science – that features time travel, dinosaurs, minerals, and fossils.  I think this could really be a great app to use when you would like to teach your kids about natural sciences – set in a really fun environment.  The developers at GenevaMars combined robots, fossils, minerals and dinosaurs for a very fun learning experience! 
Here is an excerpt from GenevaMars website:
  • Challenging activities and puzzles combine to create an engaging interactive learning experience.
  • Different difficulty levels tailored to your child’s age.
  • Activities include:
    • Digging up dinosaur fossils
    • Putting together dinosaur skeletons
    • Completing patterns of minerals
    • Sorting minerals against the clock
    • Identifying index fossils
    • Guiding a robot through a museum maze
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