App of the Week: Dinosaur Zoo by Dotname Studios


Does your kid love dinosaurs as much as mine does?  Then they are sure to enjoy Dinosaur Zoo by Dotname Studios.  You will hear dinosaurs roaring, biting and even contributing to the ozone layer if you catch my drift… no pun intended.  Apparently the 3-6 year old boys love when the Argentinosaurus has some “issues.”  You even hear the dinosaurs roar back at you – but you have to yell out a big roar to get one back from them.  Behind every dinosaur is a mini-chapter that shows maps of where it lived, where we have found the fossils, a 360 degree rotating dinosaur and some really cool statistics!


The first page opens up and we find Argentinosaurus in a desert terrain.  When you touch the dinosaurs they move around – swinging their head and body back and forth.  When you touch the button with the dinosaurs you are brought to the Zoo Map and have a choice to pick from over 18 different dinosaurs to check out.  We really liked learning about the ancestors of the Great White Shark or Carcharodon and watching him during feeding time.  You have the option of listening to the shark swim back and forth in the water and you feel like you are underwater with him.  When you touch the image of the dinosaur Rex it takes you to The Facts about the dinosaur you are interacting with.  For example we learned that the Carchardodon was the biggest and most powerful fish to ever swim the oceans.  In fact they were over 20 meters (65 feet) long and looked like a super-sized Great White Shark.

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*The App is also available in German (above) and French.

The quality of the graphics are really fantastic.  You can see the details of the dinosaurs skin and the terrain they  lived in.  You might have even seen Dinosaur Zoo as  Apple Featured them in their “Together” commercial this past March.

I like the fact that you get to play with the dinosaurs but you are learning about them as well.  The information is presented in the form of interactive maps of prehistory  and has some great animations that show the scale of the dinosaurs.

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The developer, Andrew Kerr, and his crew have been interested in dinosaurs for many years now and he explained that “while it is aimed at a younger audience it is all very much based on the latest paleontologist facts and the models themselves have been used in digital reconstructions in consultation with paleontologists for more high-brow (and more boring) scientific papers.”  He goes on to say that “from the beginning the idea has been to develop high quality content delivered in an accessible way.”

There are 5 Dino-Packs that you can install and that are offered from free. Each Dino-Pack has a couple dinosaurs in each pack that you can interact with and learn about.  The developer said that they are continually adding new dino-packs and growing their zoo.  This is really a fantastic app and I am not surprised they reached the #34 paid apps spot in the US and #2 in Education and the #1 in Education in over twenty other stores.  They recently launched French and German versions with Mandarin on the way.

GOOD NEWS!  Andrew Kerr has provided some codes for our mates so stay tuned!

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