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Did you know that Gerry the Giraffe was one of first stories I wrote after my daughter was born?  I was inspired to write about a giraffe because I do just love them so – from their gorgeous faces and eyes to their gentle demeanor. I had my writer’s group help me with the story while I met with a couple illustrators to see about collaborating together on the book.  This was prior to the release of Penelope the Purple Pirate but I was working on both stories at the same time.

I met one young woman who had just released her first book and she drew some pictures for me but they just didn’t seem like the Gerry I had in my mind.  It wasn’t until I saw a giraffe in the Land of Nod children’s catalogue that I found what I thought Gerry should look like!  I remember just sitting at my kitchen table and said out loud “that is Gerry!”.  I ended up contacting the artist, Jennifer Mercede, and we discussed the possibility of working together on the book.  She is extremely talented and I just love how each time you look at her work – you discover something new.  If you look at the illustration of Gerry under his favorite tree you could spend hours finding new and interesting expressions, words and colors!  It took Jennifer and I over two years to finish Gerry, but he was released last August as an app through PicPocket Books and as a book the following month.

We have heard good things from readers and they tell us they like how Gerry demonstrates to kids that by working hard you can accomplish your goals – whatever they might be!  Recently, Fun Educational Apps chose Gerry as one of their Top 15 Highly Recommended Apps Designed to Enhance and Improve Communication and Social Interaction: http://www.funeducationalapps.com/2013/04/highly-recommended-apps-for-communication-and-social-interaction.html

These “pats on the back” really mean a lot to both Jennifer and I!  I love how we were able to incorporate some photographs from my hair stylist’s photographer husband from their recent safari trip in South Africa!


In celebration of all things giraffe – we are offering some goodies for our mates!  There will be four winners – one goodie per winner! Good luck friends!  Share and enter often!


April 2013 121


Winner of the Jennifer Mercede print gets to chose one of the following prints:

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  1. Diane Keller says:

    I have been fortunate to see giraffes up close – in zoos and theme parks, but I would absolutely love to go on an African Safari some day and see them in their natural habitat.

  2. Ann Patton says:

    Quite a number of years ago, I saw giraffes in the Honolulu Zoo in their enclosure — probably 30 feet away from where I was standing.

  3. Jeannette Solimine says:

    I’ve seen giraffes at the zoo so there has always been a fence between them and me, but I love watching them … so does my daughter. She thinks their tongues are really cool!

  4. Lynette Trease says:

    Yes, I have seen a giraffe up close! They are facinating animals!

  5. Katherine Murray says:

    I have, at Six Flags Great Adventure, about 20 years ago. My sons favorite animal is the giraffe, and I would love to see his reaction to seeing one in person!

  6. Sabrina Caines says:

    I have seen one up close at the zoo!

  7. mihaila carmen says:

    We have seen in the zoo park..yes! Lovely ..

  8. We have seen them in the zoo but my daughter is in love with them and when she was a baby she has this little giraffe she would squeeze and squeeze it was soo cute we have the best pictures of her with her and her giraffe.

  9. I have seen one in zoo behind a fence. I think that is close enough for me.

  10. Yes at the zoo :)

  11. Love giraffes. They occupy my living room and my bedroom, and my heart. Yes I have seen them in person and fed them biscuits @ the Wildlife park in San Diego. Best $20 ever spent!! especially at 2 for $1.00.

  12. I have seen them up close at the Zoo

  13. Breana Orland says:

    I have been extremely fortunate to see a giraffe up close. As a college student I was fortunate enough to go on a “safari” at a wild life preserve in Northern California. That trip was the most memorable moment of my college career.

  14. Christina says:

    At the zoo! =)

  15. Yes, at the zoo.

  16. Yes, in a zoo. :-)

  17. I went to the Jacksonville Zoo and a Giraffe licked me. I think that was pretty close…lol

  18. Yes in the zoo we have.

  19. It’s tongue touched me…eek, feeding it at the zoo

  20. Dana Hamilton says:

    I have seen them at the zoo – not close enough for my daughter to see though with her visual impairment. When we go to the zoo with her, we have to take her ipad to show her close pictures for animals like this.

  21. Yes, at the San Diego zoo wild animal park…of course they were apparently not hungry and didn’t want to come close enough for me to feed them :-).

  22. I have only seen giraffes in zoos.

  23. Sharon Turriff says:

    At the zoo nad they come right up to the fence. It is awesome :)

  24. Christine Uniejewski says:

    We have seen them at Brookfield Zoo :)

  25. Joanne M. says:

    I have always loved giraffes. Such gentle creatures. I have been lucky enough to have fed them at the zoo a few times, but my true dream is to see them in their natural habitat. My son created a wonderful giraffe portrait at school this year and I’m sure he would love win this!

  26. I’ve only seen a Giraffe at the Zoo (so not too up close and personal) however, would LOVE to see them in their natural habitat (one day)!

  27. Live close to a zoo so I have seen many giraffes up close. Taking my class there next month to visit and feed the giraffes.

  28. Would love to win! I’m a huge fan of giraffes! They are my favorite exhibit at the zoo!

  29. Shannon Hreha says:

    My 4th daughter loves girafes. she has a blanket her grandma made her. She’s my youngest of 5 lovely children.. 4 girls and 1 boy.. She’s got a problem where shes very small for her age and wants to be tall like the girafe… its one of her big sayings :) she’s only 5 yrs old and about the size of a 3 yr old :) She would love to with the giraffe package for a birthday present :)

  30. Julie-Anne McCarthy says:

    Yes. We saw them at the local Zoo and also the local Wildlife park. My kids love them.

  31. Jackee Rohrich says:

    I have seen one in person and I was picked on for my long neck and was called giraffe neck :/ lol

  32. Yes! As a tall person with a long neck, they have always been a special animal for me. Luckily, I grew up near what was Lion Country Safari. It has since closed, but the San Diego Wild Animal Park is another amazing place to see these gorgeous animals in their habitat.

  33. Rhonda P. says:

    Only at the zoo. When I was little, I had this cute giraffe toy that you sit on. Its legs were wheels at the bottom, and you would sit like you were riding the giraffe. Loved that toy :) (entered under FB name – Danny Taylor Rhonda).
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. Yes at the Detroit zoo a long time ago, would like to take my kids there when they get a little bit older

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