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Product Review:  Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases:


Recently I had the opportunity to look at some new cases coming out for the Samsung Galaxy S4 from and wanted to share them with my Android friends.



Right now my favorite case for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is the white Flip Cover from MobileFun. I really like the flip option as it offers protection to the back and the front without adding any bulk to this super slim phone. It’s also durable enough for me to toss it into my purse/bag or even stuff in my pocket on those rare occasions. It’s made from a flexible rubber bumper that just clips onto the Samsung Galaxy  S4 and then it folds over much like a folio – nice, neat, compact and keeps your Samsung Galaxy S4 scratch-free and protected. The Flip Cover from MobileFun comes in several color variations $34.99):

You can check out the Flip Cover here:

MobileFun also has a FlexiShield Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well. Again a range of colors are available for this case. It’s simplistic and stylish made from a flexible yet tough gel material so it’s not hard and plastic (which I don’t like). The gel casing offers more of a grip so it won’t slip (which I’m always a fan of as I can be pretty clumsy with my phones). This case also fits like a glove over the sleek Samsung Galaxy S4 so again you won’t have any added bulk. You also have access to all your ports – easily accessible which is a plus if you’re like me and use your headphones a lot (I cannot hear otherwise with so much background noise … ie kids). The colors really pop and at an affordable price ($12.99) you can go from Pink to Black to Green in no time flat so your case can change depending on your mood (or a night out or work). Here’s a link to the FlexiShield Case from MobileFun:


Last but not least is the Sports Armband for the Samsung Galaxy S4. I’ve always wanted one of these for any of my phones. They’re nifty and neat and out of the way without having to lay my phone down or clip to me (which is hard to do when you’re walking/running/working out on the treadmill or more). This helps me from ripping/pulling the headphones from ears as well getting the cord caught up on something which always seems to happen to me. Or use without your earphones and still feel the burn listening to your favorite music with a pink band encasing your awesome Samsung Galaxy S4 (also available in black and white). It’s lightweight and the material is stretchable neoprene so it will fit your arm comfortably. It fully covers your Samsung Galaxy S4 offering great protection without having to worry about it falling from your hip clip or having to hold in your hand. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is lightweight and this case is super lightweight so you won’t feel uncomfrotable or bogged down on your arm at all which is a plus (in other words you won’t feel like you have weights on one arm – not at all; you may even forget you’ve got it on except for your music streaming from it)! It’s help in place by velcro strips so you adjust it to fit your arm – quick and easy on and off and it won’t fall out! Plus your screen is still fully interactive with the transparent plastic screen cover. Take a look at the Sports Armband for the Galaxy S4 from MobileFun here (color options: Pink/Black/White $12.99):

Visit for more accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and other Android/Apple products (plus more)!

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