App of the Week: Sharing with Duckie Deck


Developer Duckie Deck has created some very cute apps for toddlers on up.  Over eight million toddlers and preschoolers have played with their educational games.  Their apps cover important topics, from brushing teeth to sharing with others – things that are essential for a healthy and well-rounded young mind. By showing examples of everyday situations in an imaginative and stimulating way, their aim is to expand kids’ understanding of their world and make learning fun.




This week we are featuring their Sharing with Duckie Deck app.  The app opens up to a page where we have six games to choose from that includes sections on how to share, matching games and drawing games.  The sharing game was sweet.  There are four little kids at a dinner table and there is a large cake that we have to cut up and split between them equally.  If we don’t give a piece to one of the kids, they say Oh! and frown.  But if you split up the pieces equally, everyone shouts Yippee! And when they eat their cake, apple or piece of chocolate they are really enjoying their food and saying yum, yum, yum while eating.  Very cute!  The illustrations remind me of Toca Boca apps and the Sharing with Duckie Deck is of the same caliber in my opinion.  I like how clever all of the games are to choose from.  The animation is simple but perfect for this age group.  For example, in one of the matching games, we see a cat hiding behind the sofa.  The only part we see of the cat is her tail and when we touch it she peeks her head around the sofa and says meow.  This will surely delight your toddler!





My six year old helped me review it and she really liked the section where we decorated a birthday cake.  Of course she did!  There were lots of fun items to decorate the cake with like a rubber duckie, candles, sprinkles and more.  I could see how a preschooler could spend quite some time decorating the perfect cake.  And each time you complete an activity you get a sticker to put in your sticker book.




The illustrations are very sweet and every time you get the correct answer the kids say Yeah!  All of the colorful games will keep them entertained.  There are several different matching games and drawing and coloring-in sections.  I like how the drawing section shows how to draw the object and the child is able to trace it and then color it in.  They offer some fun things to learn how to draw such as a rocket ship and bat.  And the matching card games were great – there are several designs to go through.  We really enjoyed the circus-themed matching game and each time we turned over a card we hear the sound the clown makes with his bicycle horn.




With Sharing with Duckie Deck, your kids will learn attributes and lessons while having fun which is the best way to learn. It is important to learn what it is to share and how it affects the children and also their peers around them. These games are complete with many colorful characters which display sounds and emotions which are related to sharing.  We really enjoyed this app and I think it is a great app to help talk to your toddler and preschooler about the importance of sharing. I know when my daughter and her friends were in their 3’s, they had a tough time understanding the concept of sharing.  The Sharing with Duckie Deck will help explain why it is important to share with others in a fun and colorful manner.


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