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I  love what I am doing and creating.

I am a naturopathic physician and the author of the kids’ book and curriculum series, Human Body Detectives (HBD). HBD educates kids in an enticing and engaging way on how their bodies work and what foods best fuel it.

The series was slow in the making but once I made a connection between kids, the health of kids and the void of this human body and nutrition education in the classroom, everything began to fall into place.

I was literally flipping pancakes one Sunday morning when I thought about writing a series based on the talks I was giving to elementary aged kids. The talks involved stethoscopes, some labs and engaging information on how the digestive system works and why we need to feed it well. They LOVED it.

I did a little research at our local library and on line in hopes to find more information to enhance what I was teaching. All I could find were encyclopedia type books and books talking about the whole human body. I wanted something entertaining yet educational that spoke about the different physiological systems, how they worked independently but need each other to function optimally plus something that spoke about nutrition.

I was frustrated until my “aha” moment flipping pancakes. Kids not only need this information (even parents tell me they are learning), they want it. Below are a few reasons why…

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 17% of kids and adolescents in the US are obese
  • Immediate effects of unhealthy eating patterns include malnutrition and obesity
  • The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics indicates an increased prevalence of chronic diseases among children
  • 80% of children do not get the recommended 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day

How can we expect our kids to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle
if we don’t teach them to be aware of how food affects our bodies?

The Human Body Detectives journey began… full force. I joined a local writing group and began writing and editing. It was fun and my kids ( Merrin and Pearl) enjoyed the process of listening to the stories and helping make them better. Now my fourth book is launching: Osteoblasts to the Rescue. An Imaginative Journey Through the Skeletal System, and we are all excited.

I wanted to reach out to out to my HBD Penelope the Purple Pirate fans and give you all one of the first glimpses of the new cover and then offer the first 10 people to respond to me, the chance to receive a free ( kindle) ebook.

In order to have a successful launch that will set the tone for the book, Amazon reviews are essential. If you are up to writing a review for the book within 3 days of it being available on Amazon, please email me and I will let you know the details. The first 10 people who respond will receive the book for free.

HeatherManley.securedownloadMy email:

Thank you for all of your support… it is very much appreciated!

Be well,

dr. heather


HBD Osteoblast cover 250 x 250

A blurb about the new book…

Merrin and Pearl are at it again! This time these two young Human Body Detectives are exploring the skeletal system.

With the ability to jump in and examine the various systems in the body, Merrin and Pearl’s adventures are fun stories and helpful tools to educate children.

In Osteoblasts to the Rescue, Merrin and Pearl navigate their friend, Lily’s, broken arm and learn all about bones.

As the fourth in The Human Body Detectives series, Osteoblasts to the Rescue can also stand alone as a book that’s sure to inform, engage, and inspire readers of all ages.


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  1. Caren sue Evans says:

    I would love a free book! Thanks if I get chosen! I have two boys with autism and would love to find any natural ways to help them that I can afford!

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