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Years ago we purchased some Priddy Books for my daughter so she could start learning her letters and sounds.  Seeing the name and logo brings back good memories of when she was a toddler and we really enjoyed using the Priddy Books, the best-selling publisher of over 100 million books worldwide!  They have released a new app called Play and Learn with Wallace that is perfect for toddlers on up to first graders looking to have some fun while learning about shapes, simple math skills, sounds, letters, and much more.  Play and Learn with Wallace is an exciting new series of preschool apps guided by the best practices of early learning experts and teachers. It combines educational games and stimulating interactive play in one dynamic environment to engage preschoolers through first graders in a multitude of ways.




The Home Page opens up to to Wallace the brown dog wagging his tail and the narrator asks us which app we would like to play.  We have a choice between: Super Shuffle, Counting Fun, My First App, First Spelling, Picture Puzzles, and Number Skills.  You can add your Player Profile information such as your name, picture and you can choose to be called the Friendly Farmer, Fairytale Princess or Space Explorer.  There is even an Awards gallery where you win reward stars every time you play.  Win 10 Stars to complete your reward chart and get a certificate.  This reward concept is one of my favorite things in educational apps.  I think most kids are motivated by winning something or earning points, stickers or stars!  Remember as a kid how excited you were when you earned a star next to your name in school?  It goes along with that same reward concept and is a great motivator for children to finish the task at hand.




We chose to play Counting Fun and a picture pops up that allows us to Try the app for Free or purchase it for $1.99.  We opted to try out the Free version first.  I like to have this option in an app before I decide if I want to purchase the app or not.  Each of the catogies offer a Free trial or an in-app purchase. The Counting Fun category was fun and colorful and worked on key counting skills with simple learning games that help them recognize numbers and quantities.  The first page we go to is filled with different types of fruit with Wallace on the sidelines wagging his tail asking you if you need help?  We are told to touch two pears.  If we touch the correct number of fruit we are told “Good Work” and Wallace barks his approval.  This is a nice feature for any animal-loving kid – which might be the majority of kids!  The Counting Fun section will keep your toddler engaged and learning about counting objects.





I like that each time you answer correctly you are rewarded with a “Great Job” from the narrator and Wallace’s “Woof!” There are several pages of interactive games that have them practice learning how to count and identify different objects.  There is even a matching game that also work on number recognition.  At any time you can go back to the beginning of the app to try out your hand at a new game such as First Spelling or Super Shuffle.  The First Spelling section uses simple, fun word games to teach children the essential first skills of reading, early phonics and spelling.  In each category it tells you what skill sets your children will work on and learn about.  I find this to be very helpful for educators or parents home-schooling.




All in all we really enjoyed playing around with Play and Learn with Wallace.  There is such a variety of games for your kids to play they will be learning some important skills while having fun with Wallace.  One of the nice things about this app is that it can be enjoyed by toddlers all the way up to a first grader.  My kindergartner was challenged in the Number Skills section as she had to quickly think on her feet about simple math activities that helped her add and subtract numbers between 1 and 10.  She is pretty good at math but it is a great refresher course for her – especially with the summer months coming up I am sure we will come to this app to keep her on top of her math skills.


There are even Parent/Teacher Guides that allow you to see how well your child is doing in the different categories.  For example, it will tell you if they are having a difficult time identifying numbers or sounds.  This is a great way for you to be involved and see what areas your child might need some assistance.  Or maybe they are flying through the activities with no problems!  That is also important to know before they start school!




Here is a description of the various apps available to purchase (or try for free):




Download Play and Learn with Wallace from the App store: iTunes

Watch the trailer: for the App


Note: This post was brought to you by Priddy Books, but all opinions are my own!

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