10 Places to Visit with the Family this Summer

Both my parents were raised in the Midwest and thus big fans of fishing.  As kids,  we would spend many a summer taking trips to various fishing spots to catch the next big one!  Summer vacations with the family can be a great time to create long-lasting memories.  I can still remember making S’mores  while staying in a Big Bear cabin and hearing bears outside our place rummaging through the trash cans (this was before they made the trash cans bear-proof).  We sat inside looking at each other wide-eyed eating our S’mores and giggling nervously.  I still remember those times fondly! Here are some great places to visit with your family this summer courtesy of Parents.com.  And Colleen Gurney, an elementary schoolteacher, put together a wonderful  Vacation Family Journal that your kids can fill out while on your family trip.  Have a great time this summer!




The Grand Canyon; Arizona

Absolutely nothing will prepare your family for the first time you see this 227-mile-long, 5,000-foot-deep wonder of the world. The brand-new Skywalk makes you feel as if you’re floating over the canyon as you stroll along the glass-bottomed path 70 feet from the ridge. For a more relaxing, scenic tour of the area, climb aboard the Grand Canyon Railway, a steam-engine train that travels from Williams, Arizona, to the South Rim of the canyon.



Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve; Alaska

Quick — before global warming melts them away, take a look at these giant, spectacular remnants of the Ice Age.

Statue of Liberty; New York City

Lady Liberty is probably the most recognizable symbol of American freedom. So it’s a safe bet that kids of all ages will get a kick out of seeing her — even if it’s just a quick look from the deck of the Staten Island Ferry (the city’s best freebie). To get up close and personal, take the Circle Line to Liberty Island, where you can climb the stairs to her 10th-floor observatory. Bonus: The boat also stops at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.



Liberty Bell; Philadelphia

Let your kids check out the famous crack, then head inside the museum for some interactive exhibits, like one on 18th-century bookbinding.


Appomattox, Virginia

The landmark courthouse is the historic site where General Lee surrendered to General Grant, marking the end of the Civil War.




Check out Fenway Park as well as visit all the sites on the three-mile Freedom Trail.

Poipu Beach; Hawaii

With a naturally formed wading pool and a shallow bay for swimming, this is one of the most kid-friendly beaches on Kauai, one of Hawaii’s less touristy islands.


Ocracoke Lifeguard Beach; North Carolina

On the southernmost tip of the Outer Banks, this beach is so private that wild “banker ponies” still roam free.



Painted Desert; Arizona

This vast desert is home to the Petrified Forest, which features fossilized hunks of ancient trees.


Death Valley; California

At 282 feet below sea level, this hot spot has the lowest elevation in the country — and is a prime location for stargazing.

Wherever you decide to go this summer make sure to have the kids write down their fun memories in the Vacation Journal!
What are some of your favorite childhood vacation memories?
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