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Eggmania by Mania Tales is a fun and beautifully illustrated iBook written by Sherry Maysonave and Illustrated by Denise Caliva.  The first page opens up and we have the option to Read Myself, Narration with Sound Effects or Explore Art with Fun Facts.  The story is about a young boy who has looked there and here in new frontiers  and wants to know Where is the egg in exactly?  Some of the words are underlined and represent advanced vocabulary words that when tapped will give  you the definition of the word.  For example, we touched the word frontiers and were given this definition: outer limits of land, territory, or knowledge.



The animations are simple but definitely add to the story.  Such as the blinking stars and crow nest swaying in the wind.  The main character is in search of where is the egg in exactly and takes us on a fun journey of new lands, frontiers and fun expressions such as I’ve looked under roosts of crows and perused cookbooks.  My daughter enjoyed the black-clothed ninja kicking in the air in front of a Japanese temple.  Some pages allow you to add to the illustration.  For example, we were able to add a whole bunch of strawberries to the strawberry field he was standing in – the whole time asking where is the egg in exactly?



This is an educational app in that it takes us on adventures and new places such as Easter Island that include the images of the large stone faces that make Easter Island so famous. I like that each page you are either hearing a new phrase that or learning about a new place.  The story is in rhyme and I found it interesting how the author told this story of where is the egg in exactly – for you see it is a play on words.  The main character is in search of where is the egg in exactly – as in eggzactly.  I know that I have said exactly as eggzactly more than once.

As an author, I always find it interesting how other writers tell their stories and sometimes you come across a writer who has a different way of telling a story.  I think Eggmania is one of those stories that is outside the box.  The story is long at 188 pages and best children ages 6-12 years of age.  EggMania recently received the “Best Children’s Illustrated eBook” 2013 IPPY Bronze Medal and I would agree the illustrations are quite vivid.  This would be a nice addition for your older elementary student.


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 Here is an excerpt from the developer:


 Unique digital books for children from 6 to 12 years, ManiaTales are designed to engage and entertain kids while providing brain enrichment, specifically cross-lateral brain hemisphere stimulation (both right and left lobe functions), which can act to increase intelligence by expanding neuronal pathways and synapse connections. The new generation of eBook technology allows the three primary learning modalities (visual, audio, and kinesthetic) to be enhanced and employed simultaneously, which significantly increases the potential for kids’ long-term learning. EggMania is certified for the kidSAFE Seal. EggMania has thirty-nine (39) of the 5-star reviews on the Apple iBookstore.


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