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WordPlay by Muddyum and PicPocket Books is a fun and challenging game that plays on words using everyday objects and household items.  WordPlay is a game, art, and word play challenge. The gallery quality images found in WordPlay are original images created with hand-lettering and found-object typography.  I really enjoyed seeing what the artist, Muddyum, came up with in her creations – they were all so clever!

You use the visual clues in the unique art-quality photographs to solve the word puzzles in Muddyum’s WordPlay challenges. Three different game play modes offer a fun challenge for everyone. Compete with your friends for high scores in individual challenges, two-player mode, or in party game mode. WordPlay is also compatible with Apple TV. Additional puzzle packs are available through In-App-Purchase for .99.




The first page opens up and you can choose between the Gallery where you explore the images, Race, where you try to beat the clock, and the Puzzle where you challenge yourself.  My daughter and I opted to try to beat the clock.  If you want to play via Apple TV there are instructions on how to do that.  There is also a WordPlay Gallery where you can compete with other players for points.  It looks like a tally sheet you would find at the craps table in Las Vegas so that is fun!  This game must be quite popular as you have the tally of people’s points played today, this week, or from all time.  There is an instruction page on how to actually play the game.  There are more in-app purchases such as Picnic Delights, Cliff Climber and Birthday Party to name a few.  The images are very clever.  Like the one above is Jellyfish.  Jelly being the way the way the artist, Muddyum, wrote out Fish.




And if you need extra help, there is a video that helps explains how to play the puzzles.  This app is a fun activity to do with the family as everyone can get on Team 1 or Team 2 and compete against each other.  A perfect family night game to play around the table.  It is pretty challenging but they offer several hints to help you solve the puzzle.  You even have the option to SKIP the page if you can’t figure out the puzzle!  This is nice if you get too frustrated.  You can also reset the puzzle if you want to try and solve it again – so you get several chances to try to solve it.  You will get a kick out of solving these puzzles together!



About the Artist:


Muddyum’s work has been featured in Communication Arts Typography Annual, Creative Quarterly, Print Magazine, Sendpoint Books, Society of Newspaper Design, and Steve Heller and Gail Anderson’s book New Modern Type.  Some of her clients include Duo Press, Penguin Books, PicPocket Books, The New York Times, and What’s Up Annapolis Magazine.  Select retailers include Broadway Paper, Papernstitch, Paper Source, Society of Illustrators NY, Style Outside the Box and The Source. You can purchase Muddyum’s greeting cards at her online store.


Here is a sample of one of her greeting cards:






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