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The Wow Wow Wubbzy’s song is very pretty popular around our household!  It is very catchy what can I say?!  The new Wow! Wow! Wuzzby app by Cupcake Digital is pretty catchy and quite fun as well!  The first page opens up and we can chose between three different color stars – a purple, blue and pink one.  Of course we started out with the purple star and the story starts off.  It was a busy day in Wuzzleburg.  Wubbzy and his friends were getting the Wubb Club ready for the annual dance party.  You can have it read to you or you can read it yourself.  Flying across the first page are two little blue birds that squawk when you touch them and fly across the screen.  You will also see little sparkles around areas you should touch.  When you touch them, the characters from the story come out and say hello.  This is a really fun addition and there are several places you are asked to touch.  I like this feature as it allows you to spend time on each page and enjoy the silly animations and characters.




On the next page, Madame Zabinga comes out and asks Wow! Wow! Wubbzy how the dance preparations are coming along.  Each page has these fun sparkly stars that will delight.  We really enjoyed the picture in the background that every time you touch it – the shapes make a different picture – very clever!  We find out that Walden is making ooey gooey marshmallow lasagna.  The story has these fun phrases and choice of words throughout.  That is one of the things you are taught as a children’s author – to use fun words and this story does that quite well. What’s not to like about ooey and gooey marshmallow lasagna?  Wubbzy adds to the party preparations by adding lemony-lemon juice.  His signature giggle is just classic and he does this when we help him make his lemonade juice.  The interactions are so silly – we really had a great time playing with each page.




I really like that there are educational features found throughout the app as well.  Such as the clock in the background on one page that will tell you the time each time you touch it – which changes to the first of the hour each time you tap on the screen.  Madame Zabinga says her classic “Vundabar!” while standing on her tippy toes in her tutu and strikes a new ballerina pose each time you tap her.  Too fun!




At any time you can touch the Menu flag at the far bottom left and it will take you either the Home page, Pages, Videos, Games, Paint or Options.  We tried out the games and had a blast helping to dress the band.  We are told to dress each character with the clothes at the bottom.  This is a great exercise as it helps with shape recognition.  If you choose the wrong outfit, the voices say Ahhh!  But if you chose correctly, they yell out YAY!  And once you dress the entire band, little characters jump out and dance and they yell out Great Job!  There are four games to chose from.

The Paint section was also quite fun and we can choose to paint the picture using a Brush, Draw, Chalk, Spray Paint (very fun), and Paint (where you get to chose the color you want to use).  At anytime you can undo what you painted, and can chose different pages to color and even add some stickers on your artwork.

All in all, we really enjoyed Wow!Wow! Wubbzy’s Dance Party quite a bit.  With over 70 interactions available and many educational features, that you will find your children coming back to this one time and again!




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