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We are excited to be reviewing Michelle Anaya’s newly updated Grendel’s Great Escape storybook app as we are big fans of her newest storybook app release Monster’s Jam!  Grendel’s Great Escape opens up with a picture of a young boy walking to school with his backpack on and a ferret sitting on top of it smiling at us.  We had the option to either Read it Ourselves or Have it Read to Us.  I usually like to start off with having it read to us so I can hear the narrator and how well they do with the storytelling.  I like Melissa Reizian Frank voice and she does a good job narrating the story.  We see Martin jumping out of bed (on the second alarm ring) and is looking to find his favorite monster Tee.  We are told to move the clothes around to help him find what he is looking for.  I can see why  this is his favorite T-shirt – it would probably be my daughter’s as well.  After we help him find his favorite shirt, he then needs to find his backpack but he can’t seem to find it because it looked like the laundry monster had hit once again.  Any mom can attest to having a laundry monster hit their home from time to time where he just piles up the laundry.  When you touch the clothes laying on the ground, they form an imaginary monster (with glowing eyes and all) and growls at us.  This is a fun interactive page and will keep the kids laughing while they keep touching the screen to see the imaginary monster.




When you touch the various objects on the pages, they will make noises, such as the alarm clock going off or the backpack (which he found on his desktop) making a little “ping” sound.  And on the next page, we meet Grendel – the star of the story – who is a Ferret and loves food and to play with his toys.  Martin throws in some snacks for him to lure him to the front pouch of his backpack, but he makes a dash to the door instead!  This was a problem as Martin was planning on using him for show-and-tell.  He finally grabbed him and his mom explained that he needed a leash since Ferrets aren’t allowed to fun around freely.




Martin rushes to catch the school bus with Grendel peeping his head out of his backpack.  When we touch him he makes a little Ferret sound – sweet.  My daughter really enjoyed this cute sound the Ferret made as most of us haven’t experienced a Ferret up close! His friends are so excited to see him and when we touch them they start waving to us.  The story is highlighted as you read along which is a nice feature for early readers.  Once at school, we see Martin at art class and enjoying splashing the paint all around his masterpiece.  We see little Grendel peeking his head out of the backpack and when you touch him he sneaks off.  Oh No! This is a BIG problem since he is suppose to show him for show-and-tell!  His teacher, Miss Emily, shook her head and warned Martin that he better find the Ferret before Mr. B sees him running around!  There are so many fun noises found throughout the story once you touch objects found on each page.  We really enjoyed the robot since he made robot sounds and also the xylophone was a fun one as well.




The story continues with Martin trying to find Grendel in the different rooms in the school.  The whole while, Martin and his friends have to avoid Mr. B who looks a bit menacing.  Mr. B is the strict principal most of us had growing up in school.  There really are some fun interactive aspects to the story – like when you touch the ketchup and mustard containers in the school cafeteria – they squirt up to the wall and drip down.  Such a kid thing to do and appreciate! The illustrator, Kenny DeWitt, does a wonderful job illustrating the story.  I won’t tell you what happens in the story but it is a really fun and unique story the kids will really enjoy. We really enjoyed Grendel’s Great Escape!



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