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I really enjoying reviewing iBooks on the iPad because it reminds me of all the technological changes we have seen over the past five years and what a great time it is to be a writer!  The idea and design for Find Me is by Giulia Natale and the US Version is by Jenna Hollenstein. The story really engages the reader from the very beginning.  One of my favorite games as a kid and even now is when you have to find what part of the picture is different.  Well in the iBook Find Me this is part of the fun.  The story starts off by asking us to touch the screen to have the story read to us.  The story is quite cute and well written.   Here’s an example of the story:


We are then told to touch and find the animal within the illustrations.  The graphics are very colorful and believe it or not, it took my daughter and I a few minutes to try to find each of the animals hidden in each page.  And the fun really starts once you find and touch the hidden animal.  On the first page we are told to find the dinosaur amongst all the teapots.  Once we touch him he roars and fire comes out of his mouth – along with the other teapots.  My dog was quite interested in this roar and had to get up from his nap to come over and find out what was going on!  The sunglass illustration was really fun.  See if you can find the mouse:




And once you find the mouse, once you touch it this is what happens to the screen:




Each page is filled with these colorful illustrations and creatures you have to find and touch.  I really loved the story about the silkworm who becomes a butterfly:


Like a spindle spinning silk

The little guy works hard, while his ilk

Plays on the wind and flutters by.

What now is a silkworm, soon a butterfly.


Janine Sprague Zolle, the narrator, does a great job and we found her voice to be very soothing.  This is a great naptime or bedtime book that can enjoyed together while looking for the animals and insects hidden within.  The woodpecker wasn’t that easy to find amongst the colorful high heels.  Check out to see if you can find him!




Find Me is filled with 42 pages of story along with this interactive activity.  Just check out the book cover to see all that you will have to find in the story!  Anything from a teacup, leaf to a ladybug.  My daughter and I tried to see who could find the creatures before the other person so it really does lend itself to an interactive activity.  You can take it a step further and talk more about each of these animals as the story is quite educational.  Here is what they said about giraffes:


Hidden among striped and polka dot socks,

Is an animal that you can’t miss when he walks

With a long, graceful neck, slim legs, and soft horns,

The giraffe dines at branches on the leaves that adorn.


And when you touch him he eats the leaves off the tree and makes a noise.  Adding some fun facts about the animals featured either in the iBook or on their website would be a great addition to this already fun book!  But you can take what is written in the story and talk more about their long necks (and google how many bones are in a giraffe’s neck) to what types of leaves giraffe’s eat!  Or why the hedgehog rolls up like a ball!  We really enjoyed playing with the animals and learning more about them!


To read more about Find Me go to: for more information.

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