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This past May I had a chance to attend the PBS annual meeting in Miami, Florida and meet with some of the amazing creative crew who are helping to bring such quality TV programming to our kids.  My daughter grew up watching Sesame Street, Wonder Pets!, and many other educational programs.   I was so excited to meet Jennifer Oxley, the creator of Wonder Pets! and Billy Aronson who created the soon-to-be released PBS Kids PEG+CAT television series.  Through engaging stories and physical comedy, PEG + CAT inspires preschool children to see math as exciting, accessible, and fun. The show teaches measurement, shapes and patterns, and a wide range of fundamental pre-math skills, as established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics. (Source:




The Chicken Problem is a continuation of PEG+CAT and their adventures with a whole bunch of silly chickens.  Amazon describes the book as: Full of humor, refreshingly original characters, and math problems that young readers will be clamoring to help solve, The Chicken Problem is an ideal addition to the home or classroom. Left-brained Peg and her right-brained pal, Cat, are enjoying a picnic on the farm with Pig. However, when someone leaves the chicken coop open and the chicks run-a-muck, it’s up to Peg and Cat to use their math skills to help solve their poultry predicament.

I have to agree that it is a wonderful book and my daughter and I had a great time counting all the chickens and reading their fun names at the back of the book.  Some of the chicken’s names include Fluffy, Little Yellow, Benny Beak, Claws and many more!  99 to be exact!  Both Jennifer and Billy said they had a great time coming up with all 99 chicken names.  My favorite is The Artist Formerly Known as Chicken.  This sense of humor can be found throughout the story and Jennifer and Billy do such a great job at making math fun.  Math should be fun and not something a young child (or adult) dreads.   This book delivers on helping young children grasp some basic math skills. Billy Aronson and Jennifer Oxley do an amazing job at making math fun and even a bit silly!  We loved the illustrations and PEG is just too cute (she is a redhead) and CAT’s dry sense of humor really comes through in the story. We are really looking forward to watching PEG+CAT and you can learn more and check your local listings at PBS Kids.


Good news!  We have one hardcover copy of The Chicken Problem available.  Good luck mates!


UPDATE!  Our winner has been selected via Rafflecopter!  Congratulations to Caren Sue Evans!


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Disclosure: We are a member of the PBS Kids VIP Program were provided a copy of the book to review but this did not affect our opinions.


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