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Wondershare MobileGO for the iOS is WONDERFUL

For the past week I have been using a companion application for my iPhone 5 that goes beyond what iTunes has to offer.

When you first launch Wondershare MobileGo for iOS  you will plug your iDevice up to your USB cable (just as if you’re using iTunes). It will detect your iPhone/iPad/iPod and then you have a ton of options at your fingertips.

From backing up photos to even texts (sms – yes I said backing up your TEXTS!!!) importing/exporting songs (this is my favorite fave fave)!!! Along with your playlists, contacts (import/export – outlook/windows mail along with the usual). This makes iTunes so much more – more than just managing your purchases of apps and iCloud items. Wondershare MobileGo for iOS is the perfect companion to iTunes and worth the investment if you use your iPhone/iPad/iPod the way I do (or even if you’re a novice and just don’t want to lose anything – like your pictures since we ALL take pictures)! This is a really simple program. I know too many people that get lost on iTunes and frustrated or have music issues (like me) ~ well not anymore!





When I first looked at the screen for Wondershare MobileGO for iOS I wanted to click on EVERYTHING! ALL AT ONE TIME! Okay, I controlled the urge and went straight to the TOOLKIT. I found exactly what I was looking for. CONVERT MUSIC! I worked off and on over the next couple of days converting my music that I had on my PC backed up from the days I had an awesome Android phone that was beyond it’s time. It had a media software program on it and I had music – let me rephrase that: “I HAD A TON OF MUSIC” as in I had music from years previous that I had saved and stored on my PC in Windows Media and then music I had of course downloaded on my phone and saved for the day when something “easy” and “simple” would come along for me to use with iTunes so I could listen to some of my favorite tunes on my iDevice. Guess what. Now I can! I was able to easily click on the CONVERT MUSIC and find the folder(s) I had all my tunes stored in and started doing the conversion. It was fast and I was able to do it between the kids football/cheer practices and other daily tasks. Now I’m a happy camper and I’ve been able to export some of the transferred music I pulled off and converted through Wondershare MobileGo for iOS on my iDevice.


Wondershare MobileGo helps you save your texts:

Let’s talk about SMS (texts). I have a TON of texts. Whether you realize it or not they take up a lot of room (especially if you have a lot of pix that way). I usually save my pix to my camera roll and then save it on my pc or share on social media (which is a lot easier with the new improved iOS7. Sometimes I just delete them but I hate doing that when an exchange is going on and the pic fits the text. Well, now I have an option of saving my texts. This comes in handy with certain conversations I have that I need to keep documentation from. I’m sure a lot of you have been there and sending an email to yourself can be a mess to read as it does NOT send that email in very easy to read way – it is horrendous in my opinion. With Wondershare MobileGo for iOS you can choose which texts you would like to export (or click ALL) and what format (HTML, TXT and XML). When you look at your texts they look as they do on your phone (through Wondershare MobileGO for iOS). I prefer HTML (although TXT is fine as well – you can read it easily but if you have a lot the HTML is much easier in my opinion to follow and read along and the XML will leave the majority of you with a wha.wha.what is that – I just recommend not saving it that way). I have attached a picture of what it looks like on Wondershare MobileGO for iOS 7 and then in both HTML and TXT (it’s an exchange with one of my kids – I was going to do one with the other that showed you the pictures they sent me, however; I needed to keep their privacy in mind and others that they were in the company of and nixed that idea. You will however, be able to see how simple and how different the HTML and TXT versions are and you can choose which works best for you or do both – just having the access and ease of use to do this without it being gibberish is worth its weight in gold especially since I have some correspondence that really needs to show how it was sent with date/time stamps etc and this works out perfectly for when that time comes).





To me contacts is very self-explanatory and as stated you’re able to export and even import. You can de-duplicate as well which is again very simple and easy to do. From the TOOLKIT you’re able to copy your iDevice to iTunes as well. You’re also able to connect all of your iDevices and then share between them (so you don’t have to have the same information on them for iTunes to work and share between them – if you want your iPhone and iPad to share photos but not contacts or music only instead of having to set up the same iTunes account and then go in and turn things off and on – on one after naming it differently but your ID is the same – it’s just a pain IMO and even trying to explain it is a pain *lol* this way you can select what you need and put it on the other iDevice in a couple of clicks – time saving and simple (which I like simple)!!! In other words I want my kids to have SOME of my contacts and a few of my pictures but I don’t want to sync their iDevice with mine and then make a mess on iTunes – I am able to simply transfer what I need to share between the iDevices and be done with it (thank you Wondershare MobileGo for iOS for being so inventive and intuitive on these options as you have saved me some headaches going forward in this area and more) and I look forward to now being able to do so much more outside of the box and not feeling constricted by what I can do/share and most importantly for me: SAVE!

Wondershare MobileGo for iOS is $40.00 ( ) and is also available for Android: MobileGO for Android me it is a sound investment and again a companion to and for iTunes that will expand what you’re able to do with your iDevice. There is a demo that available and a free trial (I highly recommend you watch the demo). Now I’m off to put in my ear buds and listen to some great 80s tunes that I rocked out to in the day (giving away my age) that I thought I would never be able to listen to on my iPhone! ROCK ON!


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