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My daughter and I were excited to review Felt Board by Software Smoothie because we both love to play around with the felt board I purchased for her a couple years ago.  It came with several different backgrounds and characters and we would make up stories about the characters.  So when we were asked to review Felt Board we both were intrigued!  The first page opens up and you can select different backgrounds.  There is one with a rainbow in the background, one with mountains, a river and even a farm.  You have over 35 backgrounds to play around with!  There is even a pirate ship,  so of course we started with that one first. One of the things I like about the graphics is the boards really do give you the feeling you are touching a real felt board – the texture is absolutely the same as you can in the image above.

You then you get to choose which person you want in the scene.  We chose a man with a white beard.  But you have so many options – this app really gets the creative juices flowing.  You have an endless supply of characters that you can create and an endless supply of outfits you can dress them up in.  I loved the dress selections – they even have a cute polka dots number! You just tap on the outfit you want, it will then slide across onto the board and then you move it to where you want it to go on the board.




And don’t forget to bring along a furry friend on your travels!  You can choose to bring an alligator (think of the alligator in Captain Hook), fuzzy bees and their hive, chickens, butterflies and cats.  We chose to put a cat on board because pirates would in fact take cats on board to help keep the mice population down. And you musn’t forget to bring them some food.  We had dolphins jumping up around the pirate ship, alligators below waiting for someone to walk off the plank and a kitty sitting next to the pirate we created.

One of the funniest additions is the ability to have little bubbles next to the characters you create – saying whatever you want.  There is a list of letters so you can write out short words.  Of course our pirate was saying Argh!  If you want to add weather changes – you can do that as well.  We added a thunderstorm because it can be rough on the high seas!  I find apps such as Felt Board to be really helpful in developing and embracing creativity.  There is a feature that allows you to take a picture of your felt board and save it in your felt board library.  There are no ads, in-app purchases or social media links in Felt Board and Software Smoothie is part of the Moms With Apps Know What’s Inside program.




We really enjoyed playing around with Felt Board and would really recommend this app to use with other educational apps.  You can have your older kids write stories to go along with the boards they create with their younger siblings.  There is something for everyone to enjoy.


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