Get Your School Involved During National Young Readers Week November 11-15th



Next week is National Young Readers Week from November 11-15th.  Anything that supports a love of reading is always a good thing in my book. What I found intriguing about this week was that it was started by the President of Pizza Hut with the help of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress back in 1989.  The Book It website  states that the reason the President created National Young Readers Week was because his young son was having reading difficulties and was finding it difficult to get through his reading homework.  Boy can I relate to that!  We are experiencing this with our first grader and she is having some problems with phonics.  My husband and I both had some issues when we were in first and second grade as well so I guess it can run in families!  We are in the process of helping her get to where she needs to be so she doesn’t get too frustrated.

If you go to the Book It website, you can take the Parent Pledge which basically says that you will spend 20 minutes a night reading with and to your child. To make this week special, many schools recruit local “celebrities” to read aloud a favorite children’s book to classrooms.  The celebrities include local officials, sports figures, public safety officers, parents and other guests from the community.  It is important for children to see these role models and hear them reinforce the fact that reading plays a role in any type of career a person may choose.

Modeling good reading habits is something parents can do to help encourage their children to enjoy reading as well.  My parents have always been big readers and it seemed like they always had a book in hand!  Do make sure to stop by their website to see how you can get your school involved this next week.  They offer a Tool Kit for educators and parents to use to help support National Young Readers Week and encourage a love reading in your kids.  And you might be able to persuade your child’s principal to take the Principal Challenge!  All you do is sign the Principal up for one of the days during November 11th-15th to take part in the Book It Principal Challenge.



Here is what the Book It website has to say about the Principal Challenge:


Last year, BOOK IT!  challenged every school principal to “read your heart out” during National  Young Readers Week.  Hundreds of school principals joined in on the fun in  entertaining and wacky ways…one principal even read on the roof of school with  snow on the ground in freezing temperatures!

This year BOOK IT! is  inviting thousands of school principals to join the fun.  Research shows  that the single most important factor in raising a reader is reading  aloud.  And, the only way to get better at reading is to do it. Be a  leader and show your school the way!


Challenge Ideas

Are you a Wimpy Kid fan? Read books 1-7 and let the kids quiz you at the end of the day.
Are you adventurous? Read on the roof
Are you conservative? Read inside in the library
Are you a rebel? Chalk your school sidewalk with “Read Your  Heart Out” before everyone gets to school
Are you bold? Marker “Read Your Heart Out” on your forehead
Are you wacky? Dress up as Wimpy Kid or a celebrity
Are you more like  summer? Set up a beach-like oasis  (we’re thinking lawn chairs, swimwear, scuba gear, and goggles) as a relaxing  place to read in the school hallway.
Are you more like  winter? Set up a warm, cozy place to  read (complete with hot chocolate and flannel pants) to read all day.


To read how to get your school (and Principal) involved just go to:  It might be fun to take pictures of the Principal and tweet and post about it on your school Facebook page if you have one!  Anything that gets kids reading and excited about reading sounds like a great activity to me!




And while you are on the website – take the Parent Pledge!  Through One More Story – they are offering a FREE web story a day from some of your favorite authors so make sure to stop by the Book It website!


Have fun this next week supporting National Young Readers Week!

Photo’s courtesy of Book It website.

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