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New York based app developer Cupcake Digital has recently released Strawberry Princess featuring one of our favorite redheads – Strawberry Shortcake!  My niece dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake one year and looked adorable!  What’s not to love about this cute character.  The first page opens up and you have a choice between reading the story (or have it read to you), have a little Tea Party, Play Croquet or Color in some pages from the story.   There is also a section where you can practice your spelling.




We started with the story and we are told that Berry Bitty City (too cute) was buzzing with excitement for the Berryfest Ball and that this year there would be a special surprise… whoever found the hidden Berry Crown would be the princess!  There are some cute animations like when you touch the little strawberries holding strawberry balloons (of course) they giggle and the balloons move.  And when you touch Strawberry Shortcakes puppy, he jumps up and gives us a big BARK!  Strawberry Shortcake is holding some yellow roses and when you touch her she laughs and puts them in a vase that is sitting on a nearby table.  This story is just heaven for any princess-loving girl.  It is filled with cuteness galore and I know so many little girls who are all about princesses, and pink and sparkly things!  My daughter is not really this type of girl, but many of her friends are and I see how much they love princesses and carriages and wearing crowns.  When my daughter was younger and only going to preschool a couple times a week, our former neighbor would come over during the day for playdates in a new princess outfit every day.  It was great fun to see a girly girl enjoy the whole princess world!  If you have this type daughter or granddaughter – boy is Strawberry Shortcake for them!




I also like that you can have the story re-read to you by pushing the green microphone in the far right corner of the storyboard.  And if you want to move ahead or backwards in the story there are arrows in both corners that allow you to do just that.  The pages turn and sound just like a book turning.  I always love this feature in storybook apps.  On each page, little sparkles surround either Strawberry Shortcake or her friend, Cherry Jam, and when you touch them, they will say something silly or giggle or do some action like when Strawberry Shortcake tells us to look over there and motions to the corner where there are some pretty pink and purple flowers in a field of strawberries.  When you touch the flowers, guess who jumps out and gives us a WOOF greeting?  Her puppy friend of course.




The animations are quite simply but I like this because it allows more creative input from the kids playing it.  There is enough animation to keep them interested but it is not overdone so that the app doesn’t allow for them to come up with some of their own ideas about the story.  For example, when Strawberry Shortcake and Cherry Jam play a game of croquet, there is a group of little strawberries cheering them on from the sidelines and jump up and down when they make hit the croquet ball.  You can talk about the different colors and even name each of them with your daughter.  My daughter really liked the pink polka dot cat that was playing with some yarn and getting herself wrapped up in it when you touched her.  You also meet some of her other friends including Lemon Meringue (yum) and Orange Blossom who help build a “fruitastic” carriage for Princess Strawberry to ride in to the ball.  I can remember thinking as a kid that I would love to ride in Cinderella’s carriage to a ball.  Well, in Strawberry Shortcakes Berryfest Princess, they can see how one is built.




The games are quite fun and you can brush, draw, chalk, spray or even paint pictures from the story.  We decorated Cherry Tort’s ball gown and gave her a guitar to bring to the party.  There really is a lot to do with the Berryfest Ball and I think this is a great app for kids. There is game where they practice spelling words, play dress up and even host a tea party.  We had a good time with the tea party and even got to make our own berry drink, with a  blender and all!  We decided on a blueberry and apple drink and sipped it out of the cute teacups we selected.  A fun app for any kid!


To read more about Cupcake Digital go here.

Strawberry Shortcake Berryfest Princess is available on iTunes, Amazon appstore and Google Play.


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