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A couple years ago my daughter and went to the movie theater with some of her preschool buddies to see the VeggieTales Pirate movie and since then we have been a fan of this fun crew!  Cupcake Digital released VeggieTales It’s a Very Merry Larry Christmas last month in time for the holidays.  This is such a fun app anytime of year!  The opening scene takes us to Larry the cucumber singing and asking us: “Do you like to talk with vegetables and walk down the produce aisle – then they have a show for us!”.  VeggieTales… VeggieTales… is the chorus and you find yourself singing along with them.  When you touch the green arrow you are taken to elf Larry in front of the Spring Valley Mall where he is working as head elf.  It is has been a busy season for him and he wants to know if we can help him.  He reminds us that Christmas is a time for giving after all!




So off we go to the storefronts of the Sweet Tooth (yum), Elf Village, Holiday Silly Songs, and Food Coloring, Larry’s Locomotive, All Spruced Up, That’s a Wrap, Season’s Greetings stores.  We started with Larry’s Locomotive and are told by Larry that “everything’s been derailed around here!  Especially the toy trains!”  He needs our help get those choo-choos back on track.  It is a fun puzzle game where we match up the track.  If you chose the correct one, it slides right in, but if you choose the wrong set of tracks, it makes a little bleep sound so we know to try again.  Next we tried to help elf Larry at the That’s a Wrap store.  He needs our help to wrap the presents as he has found himself in a gift-tastrophe.   We have to open the present two at a time to find the matching toys.  The presents are different colors but don’t necessarily have the matching toy so you need to work on your memorization skills!  I always loved these games a kid.




Each store has some fun activity to engage your little ones with that focuses on some type of skill-building.  These games are really interactive and elf Larry is a real character.   Love his funny voice and the silly jokes he cracks from time to time.  The Sweet Tooth store is a ton of fun – and of course, my sweets-loving kid had a good time hanging out in that shop playing the mint game that reminds me of a simple Angry Birds game since you have to shoot the same color mint and smash one that is the same color. This is quite fun and we played this game together a couple times.




If your kids are fans of the VeggieTales crew they will love this fun app!  We really enjoyed playing the different games and there are a ton of different activities to keep them interested.  Here is some more information about this app per the developer:

Join Larry the Cucumber in this interactive holiday extravaganza based on the brand new VeggieTales DVD release, Merry Larry and The True Light of Christmas! Help Merry Larry as he prepares for the best Christmas ever in this activity app that features vibrant storytelling through colorful comic book-style pages.  Kids of all ages will enjoy a host of special, holiday-themed games and activities, including:

Build your own train track at Larry’s Locomotive

Decorate your Christmas tree with shiny ornaments in the All Spruced Up puzzle game

Find & match colorful gifts in That’s a Wrap Create & send your own VeggieTales holiday greeting cards in the Season’s Greetings store Smash yummy candies in the Sweet Tooth game

Choose the correct holiday bag for a special treat in Elf Village

Visit the VeggieTales Holiday Silly Songs store to see Merry Larry in a hilarious music video

Color your Veggie friends with buckets of paint, brushes, stickers, and more with the Food Coloring activity

You even get to make some fun holiday cards to send to family members to wish them a Happy New Year!  Lots to do with VeggieTales It’s a Very Merry Larry Christmas and really quite fun any time of the year! Make sure to check out the video here.




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