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App Developer Duckie Deck released a really fun app this month called Family Photo. Duckie Deck’s Family Photo enables you and your child to create your own set of colorful, expressive characters and bring them together for a group photo. They designed this app with toddlers in mind and the app is easy to use and engaging for young minds. With the help of Family Photo, children can capture a personalized impression of their family and friends and show their appreciation for those special relationships.  Though my daughter is in first grade, she had fun as well creating some fun “family” portraits with me.



Family Fun:

As I said my daughter and I created some pretty silly looking family members.  My dad had a moustache for as long as I can remember so we had fun creating different looks with the different moustache options available to us. I also really liked our young boy with blue eyes and vampire teeth.  There are so many ways to create and dress up your family members! First you can choose which shape head you want them to have.  Then you select some eyes – which are hysterical.  Some of the eyes will even blink and the character will giggle from time to time and stick out his (or her) tongue.  And the choices of different nose’s are quite vast – who knew there were so many different kinds of noses to choose from! You just keep pushing on the icon at the bottom until you find the nose you want.  Other ways to change up your creation include eyebrows, hair colors and styles, eyewear, neckwear – which includes ties, necklaces, a handkerchief, and lots more.  The earrings are great as well.  I can see how a youngster would really enjoy playing with all the different selections.  And wait until you see the moustache options – I love this icon the best!




Using Your Imagination:

The whole time you are creating on Duckie Deck’s Family Photo – there is some catchy music playing in the background.  I really like how this app enables children to use their imagination to their hearts content.  The possibilities are endless and you can create some really silly family portraits.  My daughter is all about zombies and vampires at the moment – so we had fun with these selections!  Duckie Deck is a great addition to your toddler’s app library.  With over eight million toddlers and preschoolers playing the Duckie Deck apps you know they have created something that kids just love.  Their apps cover important topics, from brushing teeth to sharing with others – things that are essential for a healthy and
well-rounded young mind.  And good news – the Duckie Deck is on sale for only $1.99 until 2/10!




Other features of this fun app include:

  • – Create your own set of colorful and unique characters
  • – Engages all family into endless fun
  • – Develops children creativity
  • – Mix and match, over 100 different details
  • – Exercises the imagination & detail memory




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