Awesome DIY Valentines Day Cards for the Kids


Valentine’s Day is so much fun for the kids!  I can remember how much I looked forward to handing out and receiving Valentine’s Day cards at school.  But back in the day, we didn’t have many choices except the cards you bought at the grocery store.  Nowadays you can find so many clever ideas!  Whether you are looking to provide a goodie or candy with the card – we have found some really fun ideas to try out this year!  Have a wonderful time creating a special day for your family!



 You Are Amazing:

This is such a clever idea!  I just found out my daughter’s school asks that we don’t hand out candy this year with a card – so we are on the look-out for some non-food card ideas.  This just might be the one!  You can find these mazes on Oriental Trading or at your local party store.  Image found on Pinterest.




 A Love Bug:

We made these cards last year for my daughter’s kindergarten class.  They were a big hit and were super easy to make!  You can find the bugs at your local party store or even Toy’s-R-US store.  To read a tutorial go to Mason Jar Crafts Love or my post from last year.




Heart Magnets:

I love this idea from The Connection We Share blog!  This would be a fun afternoon activity with the kids after they get out of school.  Plus they are something that the family can use day after day on the fridge!  To read a tutorial go here.





A Special Heart Just For You:

I had a friend make a card like this for me one holiday and I still treasure it!  What a fun idea to do with the kids – these could be handed out to family and friends that will surely be treasured.  To read a tutorial go to Real Simple.





You’re Sweet:

How adorable is this little girl?!  There is still time to take the photograph of your child holding their arm out.  Check out your local drug store or Walmart for printing options.  To read how to make your own lollipop card go to Tattered and Dinked.





A Colorful Valentine:

If you are like most families, you have a ton of broken crayons lying around in a box.  This would create a really fun idea that can be used and enjoyed by your children’s classmates.  Directions on the photo state that you melt them 230 degrees for 15 minutes.  Just make sure the heart container can be placed in the oven.  Image found on Pinterest.




 A Lollipop Flower:

We made these lollipop flowers for my daughter’s preschool class a few years back.  This was really fun to make as she was able to cut out the leaves and help to trace the hearts.  This is really easy to make and who doesn’t enjoy a tasty lollipop?  You can read how to make these at Spoonful.






Stuffed Hearts:

This would be a great craft/card to make for the little ones!  The creative blogger over at Mason Jar Crafts Love provides some great ideas to incorporate some interesting painting tools – such as your whisk from the kitchen.  To learn how to make these cards go here.


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