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My Dog the Champion



New Feature Film – Starring Dora Madison Burge, Lance Henriksen And Cody Linley–– Bounds onto DVD for the First Time from Anchor Bay Entertainment – February 4, 2014

 Today, Anchor Bay Entertainment releases My Dog the Champion on DVD.  We had a chance to review this cute film about a coming-of-age adventure.  The inspiring story of an unlikely friendship between a born-and-bred teenage city girl and a cattle dog, the new feature film starring Dora Madison Burge (“Dexter,” “Friday Night Lights,” Cowgirls ‘n Angels), Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Terminator, Aliens vs. Predators) and Cody Linley (“Hannah Montana,” Cheaper by the Dozen) makes its national retail debut on February 4, 2014.  We are big fans of Lance Henriksen and loved him in The Terminator!  He plays a sweet, yet bit rough around the edges – grandpa who finds himself in a rough financial spot.  His dog, Scout, is depressed since she lost her pal in a cattle ranch accident.

A moving and meaningful story for the whole family, My Dog the Champion (SRP $24.98) begins when Madison (Burge), a spoiled city teen, learns that her mother is being deployed to Afghanistan. She is suddenly forced to uproot to the country and live on her grandfather Billy’s (Henriksen) cattle ranch – in the middle of nowhere.  Cody Linley is just adorable and reminds me of a young Minnie Driver.  She comes to visit for the summer and helps to cheers up both grandpa and Scout. Facing the hardships of farm life and her feelings of loneliness, she befriends Scout, the farm’s old and “useless” cattle dog.  Useless according to her grandpa, because she is too depressed to do any cattle work since her friend died.  The new companions quickly form a special bond. And when the family farm becomes threatened, Madison, with some help from Eli (Linley), a teenage dog trainer, trains Scout to be an agility champion and together they compete with the hope of saving their home. Side by side, the determined duo proves the heart of a champion never dies.  My seven year old really enjoyed this film and was quite engaged the whole time.  We were laughing about the distinct possibility of teaching our 100+ pound puppy agility work.  I think he is better suited for police work really because he is so big!  But the dogs featured are wonderful and helps bring awareness about rescue animals.


My Dog the Champion,  a story of friendship, love, teamwork, and challenges, is a must-have release for families nationwide. The film is executive produced by Arthur E. Benjamin, the founder of the American Dog Rescue, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that works to rescue and promote the health and well-being of dogs and other animals all across the world. In addition, Scout, the movie’s starring dog, is herself a rescue!  All of our pets are rescues and I love that this movie was produced by the founder of the American Dog Rescue!  What a wonderful way to support and educate the public about rescue animals.

Note:  I was provided with a copy of My Dog the Champion to review.  This did not affect my opinion in any way.  This is a fun family movie!

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